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New makeup. Who dis?


I don't often take selfies, but when I do... 

Wait a minute. That's not true at all. This is a personal blog. I take selfies all the day long. 


This selfie is made possible by my mom (good gracious, I look more and more like her every day), Sprouts, who sent me a big 'ole box of natural hair and body care products to try, and Mineral Fusion, makers of the bronzer, lip tint, and mascara I'm sporting. 

Snapseed 10.jpg

The bronzer ($33) is the perfect pick-me-up for my winter skin (I use the darker shade as a contour and the lighter shade as a powder). The mascara ($19) curls my straight Asian lashes up and away without smudging, and the lip tint ($10) is the perfect "I'm not wearing any makeup, but haha! I’m wearing make-up" shade.

Best yet is the fact that Sprouts is having a huge Vitamin Extravaganza sale from now until the 10th, so all vitamins and body care products are 25%. We shop there every Sunday, so maybe I'll run into you in the beauty and body care aisles. Let's bump carts and high five. 

Disclosure: Sprouts sponsored my latest Instagram post and products were provided for my honest review. This post is not sponsored.

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Ten Products We Both Use


INDIANA: I'm trying to do a post about the ten products we both use every day.
CHRIS: Like Charmin? 
I: Ha! No... a beauty product post. 
C: I don't use beauty products.
I: [raising eyebrows and gesturing to his very full sink vanity of products]
C: Can't we call them health products?
I: [picking up hair paste] How is this a health product?
C: Fair. How about personal care products? 
I: Okay. Personal care. 

So without further ado, inspired by Nicole, here's our top ten personal care items that we share. We were surprised at how little overlap we have in the stuff we use: 

01 / Tweezerman slanted tweezers: Indiana had a pink pair for years that Chris would borrow again and again, so finally two years ago, Chris got his own pair in his Christmas stocking. These are the best! And we've never sharpened them and they are still going strong.

02 / Clinique bar soap: Chris used to video blog for Clinique and did so for an entire year, but previous to that Indiana hocked Clinique at a department store while in college. This soap was a staple for so long for the both of us after our work with them. 

03 / Aveeno lotion: Affordable, rich, and long lasting without being overly slick. We buy this in bulk at Costco. 

04 / Head & Shoulders Classic Clean: Another thing we buy at Costco, but at this point, we mainly use it for the nostalgic and familiar scent. We're both flake-free, but is that due to the shampoo? Maybe. Probably. We don't really know. 

05 / Cool Mint Listerine: Indiana puts this in her Waterpik and Chris rinses with this. We take our gum care pretty seriously. 

06 / Up & UP SPF 50 Spray: We spend a lot of weekends at the neighborhood pool. This is so easy to apply to ourselves and the kiddos. It doesn't bother sensitive skin and doesn't have a scent, so we're both into it. 

07 / Benzoyl Peroxide: How are we in our 30's and still getting pimples? It's a mystery, but a good 'old Benzoyl Peroxide cream helps keeps them at bay. 

08 / Original Old Spice deodorant: Surprised that Indiana uses this, too, huh? She's not the only female slathering on the Old Spice. 

09 / VERB Sculpting Clay: Chris and Jude use this daily to style their mini undercuts, whereas Indiana uses this to slick down the weird baby bangs that grew on her after Lucy was born. 

10 / Sonicare toothbrush: And when we travel, we only take one handle with our own two heads because we like to travel light, yo. 

We're super curious what products you share with your significant other now! Other than Charmin, because obviously

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How I feel fresh in the Austin heat featuring New Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Cloths

StyleIndiana Adams
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of New Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths and Lucky Magazine. 

I live in a place that has 100 days of 100º or more. As any Austinite can attest, staying cool can be a bit of a challenge... and by "a bit", I mean that it's darn near impossible. Feeling fresh in the filthy heat became even more of a challenge when Lucy was born. Suddenly, I'm out and about with a baby strapped to my chest while carrying a toddler and chasing after a preschooler. I've become a person who sweats.

My outfits these days have two requirements: to keep me as cool as possible and to make me as comfortable as possible. What I've been wearing lately has mainly been different permutations of this:
 light, flowy tank // loose shorts // flat sandals // cross body bag
An oh, my bag. I am rarely seen without my bag. Some may say that it's constant presence and attachment to me is akin to a fourth child. I don't dare leave home without it because it contains the essentials:

Diapers, baby wipes, toys, pressed powder, sunglasses, a nursing cover, 

Admittedly, I sometimes don't get to shower every single day and I'm the kind of person who can't stay cooped up at home. Combine that with the fact that Texas is sweltering and that I'm literally chasing children all day, Ban's new body cloths are my new favorite discovery.

You may be saying to yourself, "Indiana, why don't you just use the baby wipes to freshen up?" Let me tell you: that's what I used to do sometimes, but after trying Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths, using a mere baby wipe to freshen up will never do again! The problem is this: baby wipes can mop up excess sweat okay, but more often than not, they would just end up making me feel sticky. And since Jude has sensitive skin, we use unscented baby wipes, so they never left me smelling markedly better or feeling substantially more refreshed. The Ban cloths, however, leave me smelling great and feeling cool. I bought all three scents just so I could try them all and stash them in different places (diaper bag, gym bag, and glove box). My favorite scent is Enliven: 
If the non-baby-butt smell isn't enough to convince you, consider the "PowderSilk" and cooling technology. Each cloth comes out of the package feeling cool to the touch and contains microfine, translucent powder that leaves your skin feeling dry and soft. Since coolness and comfort are my goals while getting dressed, I'm going to do all that I can to maintain that throughout the day.
There's no trace of white residue and the wipes can be used anywhere on the body: the face, underarms, chest, etc. I love to use them on the back of my neck and along my hairline. It's an instant pick me up and an easy, convenient way to freshen up, too. I really don't know why these didn't exist sooner, but I'm glad to have discovered them.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bike ride to take my kids on and some sweating to do.

Question: How do you stay fresh after being out in the summer heat? Any other tips you can offer? 

For more info, including where to purchase, please visit Thank you so much for supporting companies like Ban who partner with Adored Austin to help support my family.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ban. [disclosure policy]

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Review: Mama Mio Tummy Oil via

Family, StyleIndiana Adams

I've spent most of my adult life avoiding oil. I have acne- prone, oily skin, and I have oily hair. Too much of my teenage years were spent blotting my slick face with oil absorbing sheets, which would turn an embarrassing clear when I'd use them. Until a few years ago, all of my beauty products were oil-free, and the very notion of selling me a bottle of oil to use anywhere on my face, skin, or hair was laughable.

I can't quite pinpoint when things changed, but a couple years back, I recall getting a facial from my friend Rita, and she used an oil cleanser on my face and spoke about how oily skin responds well to treatments with oil because, well, oil binds to oil. Or something like that (I'm sure she was much more eloquent and factual). Since that little pep talk and since noting that my mom, who looks way young for her age, has always used baby oil as a body moisturizer, I've become an oil lover! Daily, I now use a coconut oil on my hair, an argan oil on my face, and an oil-based face cleanser. Is it any wonder that I sought out a stretch mark prevention oil during this pregnancy?

When I get pregnant, I gain a lot of weight. I am not one of those dainty women who gets to brag about how she can still fit into her regular yoga pants despite the baby bump. My regular clothing hasn't seen the light of day in months. With Caroline, I gained 70 pounds. With this one, I'm up 50 pounds (with four weeks to go, still). I wear a size large in maternity clothing. I get huge, so stretch marks are something that I've always been a little cognizant of.

When Austin-based company Beauty Store Depot sent me info about the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil they carry, I had to learn more. The body butter I used before was great, but with my new oil admiration, I jumped at the chance to try out Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil. They sent me a bottle before Christmas, and now with just a few short weeks to go, I'm happy to report that I have no new stretch marks!
Straight up: I use this after every shower and I also slather it on whenever my midsection feels itchy. Since December 12, I have used this almost daily (and took it with me over the holidays), and I still have about half a bottle (one bottle would easily make it through one pregnancy). It absorbs fast, smells great, and man... I wish I would have used this last time. I am currently 36 weeks along and the only stretch marks I have are light, residual ones, low, low down from my time carrying Caroline. Since no tummy oil review would be worth its salt without a bare tummy photo, here's a belly pic that I had Chris snap right before I posted this post (my modesty is making me cringe, but I had to put some kind of photographic evidence out there, didn't I?): If, for whatever reason, you're not an oil convert like me, I hear the Mama Mio Tummy Butter is good stuff, too (in my experience, body oils go a lot further than body butters). Mama Mio recommends using their tummy products for up to four months postpartum, too, as the omega oils are said to help skin shrink down to pre-pregnancy size. I'll be sure to report back if that's the case! Not pregnant? No worries. Mama Mio makes a bevy of beauty products worth checking out. The granola girl that I've seemingly become appreciates that their entire line is free of parabens, petrolatum, sodium laureth, sodium laurel sulphate, xenoestrogen, phtalates, colorants, and synthetic fragrances.
The reviews on the tummy oil on Amazon are outstanding, but the price is way cheaper at, plus right now you can enjoy 15% off with code PRESIDENTS as well as these exclusive Adored Austin promos: 

  • With Mama Mio orders $100+, you can receive a free Shrink to Fit Cream OR Skin Tight Toning Serum ($56 value each). 
  • With Mama Mio orders $200+, you can receive a free Bootcamp for Arms Kit ($75 value). 
  • Use code ADORED in the shopping cart to receive your free gift. The free gift won't display in the shopping cart but will be added to your order before shipping. If you have a preference between the Shrink to Fit Cream or Skin Tight Toning Serum, note the preference in the Order Notes section of checkout.
Know a pregnant lady? I think this Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit would make a really thoughtful gift.

Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was generously gifted from my friends at Opinions expressed here are my own. For more info on the reviews I do, see Adored Austin's full disclosure policy.
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Christmas Card Curl Power // Thanks, Pantene!

Family, StyleIndiana Adams

/// /// ///
Success! Sort of last minute, I decided that our family needed to attempt a photo for Christmas cards. We set up the tripod in the backyard, pulled down the garland from our mantle, threw down the fabric I bought for a sewing project, and we did it! Here are a couple of our outtakes:
In addition to the children (and Chris!) being good sports and cooperating, I would like to thank my hair for being well behaved, too. I thought it would be a good time to try the Pantene products to get picture perfect ringlets. I'm happy to report that using the products produced much better results compared to my first attempt with the curling wand! Photo worthy hair, for sure!

First I watched this video tutorial specific for long hair and curling wands. Next, I gave it a go myself:

1. To achieve my holiday photograph look, I used Pantene Heat Shield Shampoo and Conditioner (not pictured), KeraGloss Oil Mist, Silky Moisture Whip, Heat Protection Spray, Shaping Hairspray, and Smooth Serum. // 2. Since I'm a night showerer, I showered at night and let my hair air dry. I typically sleep with it in a bun so it usually dries pretty funky. // 3. After taking the bun down in the morning, my hair is usually a frizzy, crunchy mess. However, by using the Moisture Whip, it wasn't really crunchy at all. Holla! // 4. I smoothed down my "baby bangs" (hair regrowth after having Caroline) with the smoothing serum. (I detest my baby bangs... more about that some other post). // 5. I sprayed each strand of hair with the heat protecting spray before curling it. // 6. Look! Soft, touchable ringlets! // 7. Wowzers! A head full of curls in five minutes flat. They're not perfect, but that's okay. I wanted them to be a bit looser. // 8. I shook 'em out to make them a little less like a Shirley Temple coif and more like loose, Connie Britton curls.

Thanks so much to all who entered the Pantene giveaway I hosted! Sarah B. was the winner. Thank you, Pantene Pro-V for partnering with Adored Austin. My Christmas card hair thanks you, too! 

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Giving curls a whirl + a giveaway from Pantene [closed]

StyleIndiana Adams

/// /// ///
For my birthday, thanks to Twitter recommendations from Jess, Jentine, and Linda (all who have great hair!) Chris got me this curling wand, after I misplaced my the curling I had inadvertently stolen from my best friend. If you follow me on Instagram, you are privy to the fact that my first foray with the curling wand wasn't exactly successful. Yikes!

With my lightened ombre ends and (finally!) longer length after growing out this haircut, my hair felt a little crunchy and looked a lot frizzy the first time I styled it with the wand. This is what I wanted vs. what I got the first time I tried it:

Oh, golly. I'm sorry for using a Kardashian photo as an example as to what I aspire to have. I promise I am only envious of the Kardashian sisters when it comes to follicles! Geesh.

My working theory is that I need to step it up in the hair products department. Maybe some good conditioner and serum and hair spray can make my perfect curls happen. Pantene, the reigning queen brand of affordable, healthy, shiny, and beautiful hair, recently sent me a big 'ole box of goodies to try, so I am hoping to play around with my hair this weekend to see if I can get some smooth waves just in time for the holiday get togethers Chris and I have lined up. Thankfully most of these products are to use with hot tools, so I'm excited to give them a go. I'm even more excited that one of y'all can win the same exact goodie box! Can we do hair experiments together?
If you want to win the same prize pack I got to try out, please enter your info below by this Sunday. Winner will be drawn Monday, December 23:

[Form removed. Entry period passed.]

Tune in on Monday to see how my curls turn out!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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The haul that will probably begat more hauls

StyleIndiana Adams
In the sixth grade, my world got turned upside down by a new girl in my little town named Dominee. (First of all, in a land of Amy's and Amanda's, how cool is the name Dominee?) Dominee was from the Eagleton of southern Indiana (i.e. Columbus), and along with name brand clothing and fancy chocolate, she introduced me to department store makeup. From the sixth grade on, Wet 'n' Wild and CoverGirl would not do for this girl. No, I became a Clinique super fan. 
Despite becoming best friends with a self-professed beauty junkie in college (hi, Bee!), I never strayed from Clinique. I even donned the white lab coat in college and became a Clinique consultant at my local mall. Admittedly, I drank the makeup counter sales girl Kool-aid and convinced myself that makeup and skincare are formulated to work together, and therefore, we shouldn't mix and match skincare and beauty brands (untrue). My face has been nearly 100% Clinique ever since Dominee gifted me with a bonus time tube of Tenderheart lipstick and a tiny bottle of DDML at age twelve. 
That was nearly twenty years ago, but suddenly, it's all changed. As of this week, I now own all this:

Not a single Clinique product in the bunch! I have to attribute this to insomnia. On one of my sleepless nights away, I discovered Makeup Addiction on Reddit. I read and read and read and then spent the next several weeks researching and learning and yearning. When I got home to Austin this week, I diverted funds from my fancy shoe savings (again) and picked up all these new goodies. The Glamglow mask, Cle de Peau concealer, and They're Real mascara have been opened and tried. They are complete game changers, and I'm excited to tell y'all more about them here in the ensuing weeks.

Is there anything else I should add to my list?

You see, I've been ho-hum about my face for the last few years. I do an occasional bold lip, and I'm rarely seen without at least a thin line of black eyeliner, but for the most part, that's it. I don't use face powder, brow stuff, or eyeshadow, like, ever. Despite having worked at a makeup counter in college, I consider myself to be a makeup n00b. It's going to be fun trying all these new things! I don't expect Adored Austin to become a beauty blog, but as I'm gearing up for Mrs. Texas, I'm certainly going to experiment with new products and new looks. 

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