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Exclusive interview with Perez Hilton about SXSW... plus a giveaway! [closed]

LifeIndiana Adams

A while back I was asked to be one of a handful of bloggers to Tweet the red carpet with Perez Hilton as part of Lean Pocket's Live Famously Sweepstakes (which, incidentally, is still going on. Click this link to enter to win some cool prizes, including a trip to L.A.). As part of my participation in promoting Live Famously, Perez Hilton himself took a few minutes out of his day last week to do a little phone interview with me and we'll be doing a swag bag giveaway right here on Adored Austin at the end of this post. What-what!

As some of you know from my previous posts, I have been reading Perez Hilton since 2005 when one day I hit the Blogger "next" button on the top navbar of my own blog and landed on his. Back then he was on Blogger and used the Scribe template, which was one of the pre-built templates inside Blogger. He has come a long, long way, and it's been amazing watching his growth these past seven years. Because of my longstanding love for his blog, I let all my inner fangirl out in our interview together. The interview flew by, but he was such a delight to talk to that I am absolutely unable to edit any of our conversation out (Trust me! I tried!). Below are some of the highlights and you can read the whole interview and enter a giveaway after the jump:
  • Perez Hilton will be in Austin for SXSW for his fourth annual "One Night in Austin" party and gave me some not-yet released details on the party.
  • We talked karaoke and have the same go-to song.
  • Perez Hilton turned his blog "voice" around and isn't as snarky as he used to be. In fact, he admonished me for saying something not so nice about Dina Lohan.
  • He has a favorite celebrity mother. Awww!
Whole interview starts now...

Perez Hilton: I am so excited for my SXSW party next month!
Indiana Adams: Yay, you're coming! I am so excited. Everyone loves your parties. They are always a huge hit. Last year you pretty much got to inaugurate the Moody Theater.
Perez: This year I'm going to top myself. This is the best one yet. This year for the first time ever -- and this could be a little scoop for you-- I'm going to sell tickets. All of the money will go to charity. The reason for selling tickets is two-fold: 1) We can raise money for charity, and 2) it will guarantee people admission. I've had people complain that they couldn't get in for whatever reason. I won't say the charity just yet and I won't say too much more because it's too early for all of that but that's a little exclusive scoop for you.
Indiana: Thanks so much! Are you going to wear a fun hat this year?
Perez: I don't know what I'm wearing yet... to be determined!
Indiana: I'm excited you're going to be in town. Maybe you'll have another run-in with Kirsten Dunst.
Perez: That was a while ago, oh my God, you're hardcore. You totally remember.
Indiana: Oh my gosh, you don't even know! I have been reading you since you were on Blogger. Like, when you had the Scribe template.
Perez: -- no way!
Indiana: Yes! When you were called Page Six Six Six you sent me the nicest note when my grandpa died.
Perez: That's amazing!
Indiana: You broke your camera in 2005 and I Paypaled you some money, and you sent me the nicest note. (Laughing) I've been a big fan of yours for a long time.
Perez: I'm so happy we spoke and the universe has brought us together again.
Indiana: Hooray! (Hears a dog barking) Is that Teddy?

Perez: No, that's Teddy's cousin Charlie.
Indiana: Oh, I was just going to ask you if you were going to get another dog.
Perez: No, my sister got one and we're hanging out.
Indiana: I'm a huge dog fan so I was excited when you launched the Teddy Hilton site, too. [changing subjects] You know, I don't really have anything crazy to ask you. I just wanted to know if you were coming to Austin for South By, and I wanted to ask you if you had a favorite karaoke song for the SXSW Karokake party, because I know you're into music...
Perez: Well, my go-to, my favorite is Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Indiana: Of course! And you have to do a dance with it.
Perez: Oh, well, I totally do a dance, too!
Indiana: Have you seen the literal music video for that on YouTube?
Perez: Yes, that's hilarious. I have seen it.
Indiana: Okay, good. Any time I have a YouTube party I insist on playing that. [Checks time] Augh! I only have five minutes with you! Okay, okay... my big question for you is this: you turned the voice of your blog around in the last couple of years. I think people used to think you were really mean and snarky. I mean, if you look in your archives there was a time when you'd draw, uh- um-
spots on people's faces (embarrassed laughing)--
Perez: I always used to call them "love dots" (laughing)...
Indiana: Haha. That's good. But what made you turn? Now you're this really witty, newsworthy place for Hollywood news instead of just snarky or mean commentary.
Perez: It's been a constant growth and evolution. It's been about listening to myself and listening to the universe, and really just growing up and doing what's right.
perezquoteIndiana: I admire you as a business person. You're doing a lot of great things. How do you get it all done? Do you sleep, ever? How do you even manager your Twitter account? That in and of itself for you is a full-time job.
Perez: It is, but it's important to me to respond to people and I love having that direct contact with them. I think it may be one of the reasons why (incredulous laughter) I have 4.5 million followers. You know, I don't sleep much. I definitely need to work on that, but I love what I do. When you're blessed to find a job that you love that much, it doesn't feel like work. For me, when I work [and] when I do work, that's relaxing.
Indiana: Yeah, I think that definitely shows in all your online endeavors. Do you have any plans to act ever again? You used to do that way back in the day.
Perez: [big pause] I would love that. For sure. My dream is to one day be in a sitcom.
perezquotedreamIndiana: Hopefully one day you can get a development deal so you can write your own thing.
Perez: That would be rad.
[The moderator tells me I need to wrap up and invites me to ask one last question]
Indiana: Hey, so I know that you really like children and I like that you never snark on celebrity's kids, do you have a favorite celebrity child?
Perez: Well, I have a favorite celebrity parent, that's for sure and that's Jennifer Garner.
Indiana: Oh, she is adorable.
Perez: She seems like such a normal, grounded, caring, affectionate, loving, present mother.
Indiana: Not like Dina Lohan or anything...
Perez: Nobody's perfect, nobody's perfect.
Indiana: You're right. Hey, thank you so much for taking the time to do all these little interviews. That's really sweet and big of you.
Perez: There's a reason why the universe put us together again and it meant so much to me that you've been reading me for that long.
Indiana: (embarrassed laughter)
Perez: No, no, no. I'm so serious. I can tell because you gave me specific incidences about this, that, and the other... that means so much to me. I never take anything for granted and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. You're awesome.
Indiana: I appreciate you. You're part of my morning routine, my daily reads.
UPDATE [5 March 2012]: Tickets for Perez Hilton's "One Night in Austin" are on sale now for a $25 donation to VH1's Save the Music. Go here.

Awesome interview fun, huh? Okay. If you got through all that, you deserve a chance to win a prize! Enter your info in the form below for your chance to win a Live Famously swag bag that includes a $50 spa gift certificate!

[edit: form removed- entry period over]

To be eligible to win the grand prize that includes a trip to L.A. enter the Live Famously Sweepstakes on the Lean Pockets Facebook page. How cool would it be if an Adored Austin reader won?

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Celebrities smell

StyleIndiana Adams

Alright, people. Can we all agree that this is getting out of hand?

It all started this morning while I was watching Mariah Carey's new music video "Oh, Santa" (side note: it's catchy, but it ain't no "All I Want for Christmas"). I was momentarily confused as the video started with a faux-retro announcer-type extolling Ms. Carey's newest fragrance "Lollipop Bling".

Hold the friggin' phone there.

Lollipop Bling? Lollipop Bling? LOLLIPOP BLING?! Really?! Is that the name of her new fragrance? I'm just slightly surprised because last I checked, Mariah Carey was a FORTY YEAR OLD WOMAN, not, you know... nine years old.
ELIZABETH ARDEN FRAGRANCEI'm all for one being young at heart, but this Lollipop Bling advertisement looks like it was designed by Lisa Frank circa 1990. Is this perfume being marketed toward children? Or just women who love suckers and diamonds?

Then I started thinking about celebrity fragrances, in general. Lollipop Bling is definitely a contender for most absurd name, but let's not forget Jessica Simpson's "Fancy Nights":Jessica-Simpson-Fancy-Nights-e1280585633600I have never, in my adult life, used the adjective "fancy" without a heavy dose of sarcasm and/ or irony. And what is with this ad? This does not look like a "fancy night" in so much as it looks like Ms. Simpson is vying to be an extra in The Vampire Diaries.

Speaking of crazy looking ads, did you see Christina Aguilera's ad for her perfume "Inspire"? No? Well, get a gander at this: inspireIt is clear that the inspiration Ms. Aguilera gets for her perfume is from Glinda, the Good Witch. I'm sure it must arrive via pink bubble. Now I'm inspired to watch The Wizard of Oz. Or to sing some songs from Wicked. One of those.

And have you ever noticed how perfume ads often show a grown woman swinging?
swingDoes smelling good= field trip to the playground? And here's a question for Kim Kardashian: How in the heck can a perfume be described as "voluptuous?" How does voluptuous smell? I guess for $50 I could find out...

Last but by no means least, is Paris Hilton. She, oddly enough, is one of the perfume industry's most prolific celebrity scent endorsers. She has TEN fragrances out (second only to J.Lo and Celine Dion who each have 14), but in my opinion she reigns supreme in the ridiculous ad department:


For Fairy Dust she no doubt saw the new Tinkerbell movie. For Siren she saw "The Little Mermaid", and for Can Can she saw "Moulin Rouge". I really, really want her to watch "Apollo 13" and dress like an astronaut for her next perfume. Someone call her publicist or Tweet her and MAKE THAT HAPPEN, okay?

Anyway, you can see a Wikipedia list of celebrity fragrances here, but I urge you, my fellow females, let's put an end to this absurdity! Let's bring back the days of wearing Love's Baby Soft or Clinique Happy or something that, you know, doesn't need an absurd celebrity advertisement and endorsement to move units. Except "With Love by Hilary Duff". Leave her alone. It's awesome.

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Exclusive Twitter contest: win tickets to the Austin sneak preview of Salt

LifeIndiana Adams

Is it just me or was Angelia Jolie one of the most beautiful pregnant women, ever?

Dear Angelina, Will you please loan me one of those green dresses for Austin Fashion Week?

I love her. I even loved her in Wanted, and I don't usually like action-type movies. I think that's all been changing lately, though. The last time Hubs and I went to the movies, I saw a preview for the new A-Team movie and I was like, "WE HAVE TO SEE THAT!" Hubs looked at me like I had grown a second head. Maybe I'm having a boy. Maybe I have some extra testosterone floating around in me and now all I want to do is eat cheeseburgers, drink (non-alcoholic) beer, and watch action flicks.

Anyway, I say all this to say that I am super excited about Angelina Jolie's new movie Salt. Gorgeous, talented lady? Check. Action movie? Double check!

[images courtesy of Just Jared and Sony Pictures]

Get this: there's going to be a sneak preview screening of Salt in Austin this Tuesday, July 20th at 7:30 p.m. at Galaxy Highland. I have been given five (yes, FIVE!) prize packs to give away to the first five (local) Adored Austin readers who Tweet or Twitpic me a photo of their best Agent Salt/ spy inspired photos (mirror photos are totally okay!). Here's a silly example:

[Note: Salt publicity stills are here for legit inspiration.]

To win, simply use your Twitter account and tweet:
@adoredaustin, I want to see Salt. [Then insert the URL of your mobile phone pic].

In addition to a pair of tickets, you'll get a Salt v-neck tee (perfect for the gym!) and a water gun (perfect for the summer!). I'll tweet you back to let you know if you are one of the winners. The first five win, so what are you waiting for? Go!

5 of 5 entries received! Thanks to all who entered!

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Rue McClanahan, I love you!

LifeIndiana Adams

Thank you for all the emails and texts about the passing of my beloved Golden Girl Rue McClanahan! As some of my long time readers know, I'm a huge fan of The Golden Girls and even had a Golden Girls themed birthday party at Luby's last October:

Blanche Devereaux was always so saucy and bold... including in the way she dressed. It is my hope that when I'm golden aged I can take a cue from her character and still rock the animal prints and long necklaces! In honor of her passing, I'll be sure to wear my Golden Girls best soon.

[Bottom three photos ©Emmy Filkins.]

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Vogue's Most Stylish Women of 2009

StyleIndiana Adams

Vogue announced their list of 2009's Most Stylish Women. Do you agree with the rankings?

vogue's top 4 fashion icons of 2009
vogue's fashion icons of 2009
vogue's fashion icons of 2009
13. Leighton Meester, 14. Michelle Obama, 15. Angelina Jolie, 16. Georgia May Jagger,
17. Anna Friel, 18. Olivia Palermo, 19. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, 20. Beth Ditto.
For the most part, I agree. I love that Alexa Chung bested Vogue's perpetual darlings Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Lady GaGa (love or hate her) should be way higher than #11. I also think that Vogue should separate actors from the characters they play. For instance, Blair Waldorf dresses way better than Leighton Meester. Carrie Bradshaw has way more style than SJP, and Chuck had a to die for wardrobe whereas Anna Friel's style differs quite a lot. One last thought: WHERE THE HECK IS ANNE HATHAWAY?!

Do y'all see any other glaring omissions?

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Lohan continues her dellusions that she is a fashion designer.

StyleIndiana Adams

If you've been reading Adored Austin for a while, you'll know that I really, really don't like celebrity clothing lines (exceptions? Nicole Richie and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen... duh). I was bored by both of Lauren Conrad's collections, I was horrified by Heidi Montag's line, and I detest anything "made by" Lindsay Lohan. So imagine my horror this morning when I read on WWD that La Lohan is expanding her 6126 legging line to a full clothing collection. WHY?! LINDSAY, DID YOU NOT LEARN ANYTHING WITH UNGARO? Geez, Louise. She even tweeted that she needs more followers to get the word out about it.

OMG! Lindsay needs more followers!
Follow Lindsay! You read that right. She needs MORE followers! You know, because 250,538 just doesn't cut it!

It's your call. Here are the sketches. WWD reports that the average price point will be between $100- $150.

Look, guys! Linsday can sketch!
Lindsay Lohan is a REAL designer, y'all!
"Yes, I AM a designer. Picking buttons is hard work!"
I know, I know. I shouldn't judge until the line is out. But let's think objectively, shall we? Has Lohan done anything good since Mean Girls? Anything at all? Believe me. I'm rooting for her. I miss that spunky redhead who was in The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. Anyone else?

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Gaga for McQueen

StyleIndiana Adams

When I first saw photos from Alexander McQueen's ss 2010 show, I was all like, "These are freaking awesome, but c'mon. Who could actually wear these?!"

Only Gaga

Then I remembered that Lady GaGa existed.

[runway photos from Fashionising; video screen caps from YouTube]

Comment of the Day: Lady Gaga's existense is an ever present thought in my mind... -alya

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