I'm Indiana Adams.
This is my blog.
I LIVE IN Atlanta.

About this blog:

In 2009, while living in Austin, Texas, I started a blog called Adored Austin and watched my audience grow from a regular readership of two (me and my aunt) to over a hundred thousand readers per month.

In 2014, my family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. Since it made zero sense to have a blog called "Adored Austin" when I'm... you know... no longer living in Austin, I had to scramble and come up with something new. Enter: Indiana Elsewhere. It's me, elsewhere. 

 Adored Austin's archives are here on Indiana / Elsewhere as well as some cross posted material from Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes, which is a blog and podcast co-hosted by myself and my husband Chris.

About this zany cast of characters:

 Indiana Adams


  • Has an inordinate amount of Texas pride for someone who only lived there seven years. 
  • Once won a donut eating contest while nursing a baby. 
  • Spent more time writing this bio than she did birthing Caroline. 


  • Is steadily building his repertoire of "dad jokes".
  • Believes most everyone can benefit from more protein and doing heavy lifting at the gym. 
  • Thinks Cool Ranch Doritos are better than original Nacho Cheese Doritos (he's wrong, obvs.)

Noodles, 7

  • Was originally named June, but started going by her nickname full-time after Jude was born.
  • Hangs out under Lucy's chair at mealtime since she's the messiest eater.
  • Has been picked up by the tail and pinched on the mouth with nary a growl or snarl. 

Jude, 7

  • Says he wants to be a pastor and an Olympic swimmer when he grows up.
  • Describes his personal style as "east coast cool dude". 
  • On his fifth birthday presented a five point case as to why he should be allowed little Legos . We acquiesced. 

Caroline, 5

Lucy, almost 4

  • Can eat her weight in steak and bacon.
  • Loves animals: her favorites are pandas and dogs.
  • Her favorite color is orange.
  • Seems to be a lefty.
  • Is the most talkative of our three kids.

What people are saying about Indiana Adams:

I read your blog almost every day!
— Indiana's aunt
Indiana has never met a chicken wing she didn’t love.
— Mary Baird-Wilcock
Indiana Adams is a relatable mama with a heart of gold. Kinda want her to be my neighbor!
That Mama Gretchen, blogger