Austin Fashion Week

Austin isn't really a mecca of fashion like say, New York, L.A., Miami, or even Chicago. Nonetheless, our spunky town is holding its first ever Fashion Week on July 13- 19.

Before that, however, you can vote for your favorite models, salons, make-up artists, and photographers. I've cast my votes already, but since there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many times you can vote, I'm tossing some additional clicks toward my favs [model Bree Stotz, whom I've worked with and photographer Cory Ryan, whom I greatly admire].

I plan to be at Fashion Week with my trusty camera in hand, hoping to make some new connections. I love meeting boutique owners and designers, and I'd love to interview some for Adored Austin.

The whole shebang is backed by Launch787 which is Matt Swinney's (the former editor of Rare Magazine) newest endeavor. Tickets ain't cheap. It's $43.00 for Sunday's festivities plus an extra $20 for an adorably named "Passport to Fashion" which enables you to get 10% off the boutiques and salons. If you want to hit up the after party, it'll cost you another $100 smackers. Recession? Like, what's a recession? I will, like, totally see you there, mmmkay?

For more information, visit Austin Fashion Week online or Launch787.