My Grandma's scarf

I love my Grandma! This scarf (worn as a shirt) was hers in the 70's. She attempted to give me a tutorial of all the different ways one could wear a scarf. This was not on the list. Paired with a vintage bag and a gardening hat I found at (gasp!) Walmart, I feel like I'm attending America's 1976 bi-centennial celebration.

Date: 7 July 2009
Occasion: Testing out my self-timer in the backyard for an impromptu snapshot session for Weardrobe
sailor pants-Thrifted via Girls Closet in Waco, Texas. Brand- Lux (Urban Outfitters!)
scarf as shirt- Vintage via Grandma
bag- Vintage, thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
cork wedges- Soda
straw hat- Walmart (the gardening section)

Hubs and I had a mini-discussion about whether or not "Scarf as Shirt" was appropriate/ decent enough to actually wear out of the backyard. I contend that one could definitely wear Scarf as Shirt to an outdoor music festival or a park picnic or a BBQ or something. I would not don Scarf as Shirt to say... church or to a job interview. Thoughts? Vote below!

Scarf as Shirt?(poll)

By the way, does anyone else think that "scarf" is a weird word? Now that I've typed it like a billion times today, it's looking stranger and stranger to me!