Old obsession: Indian boots

Yesterday was a 60's look and Tuesday was 70's, so it's only fitting that today I try out an 80's look. This was also my entry for Chictopia's I Love the 80's Contest.

date: 10 July 2009
occasion: Friday!
dress: Laura Dahl
boots: Rue 21 fake Minnetonka fringe boots
wristlet: Old Navy (circa forever ago)

I really, really love my fringy boots. They're not real leather, so they give off some weird chemical smell, but I don't care! The Native American half of me loves these boots to death!

I also love my Laura Dahl dress. Laura Dahl gifted it to me when I walked for her in the Stitch Fashion show back in 2007, and it's one of my most favorite things in my closet. It's incredibly soft and (bonus!) it's my all time favorite color.

Um, WOW! I'm back! You don't know this, but I just now got stuck in a 25 minute Google maze, entranced while looking at photos of (real) Minnetonka boots. As a result, I am now fanatical about getting my hands on the white low zipper boots. Seriously. I MUST HAVE THEM!