Jump!... er

Belt? Included! Pockets? Oh, yes! Jumper? You betcha! This is what I wore to last night's party. You may notice that I am doing an Alison V style bow again. There's nothing like using a five year old as your fashion muse!date: 16 July 2009
occasion: attending an outdoor fashion show/ happy hour at The Mohawk
jumper: thrifted via Savers
shoes: Victoria Spencer (Shoe Carnival)
bow: estate sale ($1)
Abe bracelet: Naughty Secretary Club

The awesome thing about jumpers is that you don't have to pick out a top and a bottom. Easy peasy! The bad news about jumpers is that when you use the bathroom in a public place, you will feel strange because you have to get completely undressed to go. Not so easy peasy, if you know what I'm sayin'.