Street Style: Avenue Five Hair Show

I may have gotten bitten by a zombie. I may be a zombie right now. I've been staying out incredibly late and getting up incredibly early... and I haven't been napping! What gives?

Wednesday was the Dos Equis party, Thursday was the Yelp runway show, and last night I went to the Avenue Five hair and Heirloom jewelry show. Between snacking on Indian food provided by Clay Pit, I was able to wipe the food off my hands and grab three Style File photos.


name: Kristen
dress: procured in Houston
necklace: Wish
bag: Pac Sun


name: Yolanda
occupation: jewelry designer
top: England ("It's actually a swim suit cover up!").
necklace: her own design


name: Michelle
tidbit: Michelle is engaged! Congrats!
dress: Wish

To see photos of the fashion show, go here. I had a front row seat, but I didn't take any photos. There were two main reasons for that:
1. I was too busy remarking to my friends about the meanest drag queen of all time who just so happened to be the evening's emcee, and
2. The models' "clothing" was provided by Le Rouge lingerie, and the models walked way to fast. Truly, it was like watching a burlesque speed walking competition.

Despite these things, the evening was not unpleasant at all. Heirloom has some remarkable pieces, and the hair and make-up was BY FAR the best I've seen all fashion week. It was so good, in fact, that I am seriously considering making Avenue Five my go-to salon and facial place. Let's just hope that mean drag queen isn't there when I go there.