Two of my favorites

I am about to confess something to you:
My favorite pair of shoes are not my Simple Nappa Pumps or my new Minnetonka Calf Hi boots. Nope, my favorite pair of shoes is a pair of falling apart, Target flip flops that I got four years ago. The soles are coming off, the jewels have fallen out, and they are for sure on their last leg. They're so nasty that my jaw surgeon, who is a male and is at least 35 years old, said they were sad looking. You know it's bad when a male in his 30's notices and then vocally bashes your fashion choices.
Nonetheless, I vow to wear these flip flop until the day they no longer flip. Or flop. And today, on this glorious day when I have absolutely nothing to do and no where to be, I wore said flip flops.
date: 21 July 2009
occasion: doing absolutely nothing and loving every minute!
dress: GAP (last summer, on clearance)
tube top: Express (Eegads, can you imagine how scandlous this dress would be without a tube top?)
flip flops: Target
necklace: another treasure from my Grandma

My grandma collects owls and my high school mascot was an owl. So when owls got trendy a while back, I was like "Score!" This owl necklace is my end all favorite out of all the costume jewelry pieces my grandma gave me.
I saw an identical one at Feathers last week going for $60. I don't plan to sell mine, ever. I'm probably going to be buried in my falling apart Target flip flops and my grandma's owl necklace.