Street Style: Sanctuary's one year anniversary party

I was so excited to be able to make it to Sanctuary's one year anniversary party yesterday. Owner Hannah Curren was working the cash register, and she was just as sweet and adorable as I hoped she would be.

While I was looking at some fantastic little vases, I saw a lovely red dress out of the corner of my eye. I made a mental note to ask that person if I could take her photo for the blog. I looked up and saw that in the red dress was Nikki, a gorgeous actress I run into sometimes at auditions. Her friends were also stunning, so in an Adored Austin Street Style first, I took a group shot. I really liked the way they all had a different take on a floral summer dress.

Nikki, Meredith, & Courtney
NIKKI (left)
red dress: Ross
belt: Target
turquoise drop earrings: Leila Rowe

MEREDITH (center)
white dress: Goody Two Shoes (Austin)
bag: Gucci

COURTNEY (right)
lavender dress: Caroline's (Austin)
clutch: Leila Rowe