I link you. Do you link me, too?

I've only been at Adored Austin for a month or so, and my official launch was just last Friday. I am having a blast doing this, and I hope you're having a blast reading this.

Since I'm somewhat new to this community, I'm just now discovering how many wonderful and talented fashion and decor bloggers there are who maybe aren't quite as popular as say, Sea of Shoes or Le Blog de Betty (yet!). I would love to exchange links with you. I just ask that your blog be about either 1) fashion, 2) home style, or 3) specific to Austin. I also ask that you update somewhat frequently (a few times a week, at minimum).

If you'd like to exchange links, leave me a comment with your URL, and I'll be sure to visit your site, subscribe, and get you on my blogroll.

Also, if you have a Twitter account, let me know. I'd be glad to follow you. I'm on Twitter, too under @adoredaustin. Let's be BIFF's (Best Internet Friends Forever).