Disaster day!

Someone asked me recently if I ever have lazy days when it comes to picking out what to wear. The answer? All the time. Truthfully? That's why I like cotton dresses so much. You don't have to pick out a top and a bottom. Just throw on the dress, some cute sandals, a conversation starting piece of jewelry, and you're good to go.

I'm having a disaster day here at the Connally House. No time to get gussied up. I've got work to do!
Purple laze

date: 6 August 2009
occasion: cleaning up the Connally House disasters!*
pocket dress: Old Navy
sandals: Connie, thrifted via Savers, yesterday
locket: another of my Grandma's yard sale rescue

I bought this dress because Carmen, whom I photographed in my last Street Style post, looked smashing in hers. She was right: the dress was on sale... big time! I can't believe I scored this for only $10. The plum color will transition well into the fall. Navy blue blazer, tights, and knee boots will be my fall plan for it. And just so you know, dresses with pockets are one of my fashion weaknesses. It was all I could do to not buy it in black and ash gray, too.

*Today I'm cleaning up several disasters. First, I attempted to paint my entry way red without primer. Big mistake. Even after a couple coats, it's all blotchy and looks like someone was murdered against my walls!

Blotchy entry

Secondly, this morning I spilled half a bottle of Tuscan Red nail polish on the cream carpet of my bedroom. After a scrub down with hairspray, the Green Machine, nail polish remover, Spray-n- Wash, and water, I am sad to report that the stains are still there... and now my bedroom reeks!

Third, I went outside to check on the garden, and birds have ravished my ready-to-pick tomatoes. Noooooooo!

Bird keep eating my tomatoes

And lastly, while doing laundry, I discovered that my sweet dog ate part of my favorite dress, ever. I'm now waiting for him to puke since that's what happens every time he eats fabric.

Bad dog

I never even got to photograph that dress! I am thinking about starting a tumblr called "Things my Dog Ate" where we can all post photos of things our little monsters have ruined. Does anyone else have a dog who loves to eat clothes? Or is my dog just a jerk?