My 2 cents, plus 8 more

Today I am wearing my most favorite shirt of all time. The shirt actually started out its life as a long sleeved, knee length dress, but as soon as I hunkered down a DIME for it (yes, it only cost $.10!), I took it back to my dorm room and hacked it up.

Jump... for my love!
Favorite shirt

date: 7 August 2009
occasion: gots to go get some blood work done :(
shirt: thrifted in Kankakee, Illinois
shorts: Billabong
sandals: thrifted two days ago from Savers (I wore them yesterday, too).
green marbled pendent: Grandma (of course!)
gold medallion necklace: Charlotte Russe
bangles: Ten Thousand Villages

Accessories from 7 Aug 2009
Brass Bagles

I'm kinda in love with my accessories today! The bangles are a new purchase from Ten Thousand Villages, which is a fair trade organization that sells amazing ethnic jewelry and home decor. These particular bracelets were made in Delhi, and as a result of the profits, the artisans get medical insurance, interest-free loans, and skills training.

This shirt wasn't my all time favorite shirt right off that bat, but it became my all time favorite shirt when I wore it when I was an bohemian extra on the movie Rent.

extra work

At the time, I was a Rent freak. I had owned the Broadway soundtrack since high school and finally got to see it on stage in Chicago. When I found out Rent was filming in the Bay Area while I was in college in Monterey, CA, I tracked down the extras casting department and asked to be on set during my favorite, favorite song. It was amazing because Tracie Thoms and Idina Menzel sang full out, every single take for three days straight. Between takes Taye Diggs would play piano and Rosario Dawson and her mom would chat up the extras. Best extras experience, ever!