Two new favorites!

I did it! I finally had an event worthy to debut the BB Dakota dress I won from Chickdowntown via Fell4Fashion. It may be my new favorite dress. I am really toying with the idea of taking it to the seamstress to have pockets put in. If this dress had pockets, I'm pretty sure I'd wear it every single day and never take it off. Hmmm... on second thought, that's kind of gross, and if I wore the same thing every single day, I may lose all credibility and readership on Adored Austin. So, never mind. The dress is absolutely perfect just the way it is!

Lavender gardenSpin cycle

date: 8 August 2009
occasion: date night to Borboleta Cafe
dress: BB Dakota
shoes: Bandolino

made for each other

I bought these lavender shoes over five years ago for my rehearsal dinner the night before my nuptials, and sadly, I haven't really worn them since. I love the color and the beading, so I hung onto them. When my prize from came in the mail, lo and behold, it was the same lavender color, so I was so excited that after all these years, I was able to wear my special shoes again. Seriously. Look at that match! It's like they were made for each other!

Date night was freaking awesome. I'm really trying not to eat at the same five restaurants all the time, so I chose Borboleta Cafe as this week's date night adventure. Borboleta Cafe is the restaurant owned by Virginia, a super stylish lady who I met and photographed on my very first Austin Street Style expedition. The cafe is vegan, all organic, glutton-free, and completely raw (That's right. Not a cooked food in sight!). Sounds uh... interesting... right? I ordered the lasagna, and I was expecting it to taste like a salad (and I HATE salad). Much to my delight, though, it was easily the best thing I have ever eaten since living here! I think the husband and I just found our new favorite restaurant!

New favorite dress? New favorite restaurant? Yes. It was a win-win evening!