Fringe benefits

I had a surprise audition this morning. It was a surprise because I told my agent that I'd be taking time off until October until my jaw heals completely and my braces come off (I had jaw surgery back in April). Nonetheless, a casting director still wanted to see me today, so I woke up, brushed my hair, put on some make-up and headed downtown. The part was for a character described as a "tough girl", and I had to wear a bikini. Yes, a bikini. Because, I guess that's what tough girls wear. The following is what I wore over my bikini (if you think I'm going to post bikini photos on this site, you're out of your mind!):

fringe benefits

date: 11 August 2009
occasion: audish and doctor's appointment
dress: Wet Seal
tank (under dress): Old Navy
vest: DIY
pins (and one earring worn as a pin): pageant prize and Target
fake Minnetonka boots: Rue 21

pin detail

I have recently decided that people do not wear enough pins. In fact, I only own two pins. The crown pin is something I won a billion years ago in a kids' beauty pageant. I used to love that thing so much. I think I wore it pinned to my jean jacket all through middle school.

As for my vest? Yeah, it was totally a t-shirt approximately fifteen minutes before I snapped this photo. I saw a fringed vest on the clearance rack at Target last night, but it was a size XL, so I passed on it. This morning I was kicking myself for not buying it anyway. Typical me! Feeling inspired, I took the scissors to an old t-shirt and fashioned a black fringe vest guerrilla style! I simply snipped down the center, chopped off the sleeves, and made 32 cuts all the way around. It didn't turn out too terrible, if I do say so myself.

As for the audition? I didn't book it. Oh, well! As always, it was nice to be considered. I'm looking forward to getting back to work once I'm not a brace face. Until then, it's been nice relaxing, launching Adored Austin, and working on my writing.