White Denim

Quick! Name this movie:

Josie: That'll teach me to wear white jeans after labor day.
Gibby: I don't think you're supposed to wear white jeans after 1983.

So Labor Day is coming up, and I realized that I have only worn these jeans once this summer. I thought I'd break 'em out again for tonight's Software Advice party.

It's still before Labor Day
bronze age necklace and shoesI'm talking on an invisible phone

date: 13 August 2009
occasion: Software Advice party (Well, perhaps. I may wear a dress.)
jeans: Roberto Cavalli via Buffalo Exchange
tank: Old Navy
shirt (as vest): Lux via Urban Outfitters
shoes: Ann Marino
necklace: Marshalls

I would like to know the story behind these jeans. Officially, they are the most expensive jeans I own, and they are the single most expensive item that I've purchased from Buffalo Exchange. I paid $85 for them, but here's the thing: the price and size tags from Neiman Marcus were still attached. Original price? $595! I went to Neiman's the next week, and sure enough, the jeans were still in stock, and they weren't on sale. I have no idea why A-) the original owner got rid of them, and B-) why she sold them to Buffalo Exchange instead of getting store credit at Neiman's.

Gee, now I'm in the mood for White Denim (the band). I'll leave you with one of their videos in case you're craving White Denim (the band) now, too. If you're craving white denim (my jeans), um, I suggest you go get your own dang pair. No way am I sharing my Cavalli's.

WHITE DENIM - Shake Shake Shake from ACIDBIRD on Vimeo.