Perez Hilton launches Coco Perez

Confession: I am a huge fan of Perez Hilton. He is a fantastic human being, and his gossip blog is my daily guilty pleasure. Oh, don’t let his snarkiness fool you. He’s probably one of the hardest working, nicest (yes, nicest!) bloggers out there. A few years ago, before he was famous and before he officially picked up the moniker "Perez Hilton", he was a regular ‘ole blogger here on Blogspot. In fact, for a long time, he used the standard "Scribe" template that Blogger offered, and his only source of revenue was a tiny "donate here" Paypal link. After I blogged about my grandpa passing away on my own personal blog, he left me the nicest comment. Ever since then I’ve been a cheerleader for Team Perez.

All that to say, I like Perez. I really do! But despite all this, I'm not quite sure how I feel about his latest venture: a fashion blog called "Coco Perez".

Perez Hilton's new website will feature Celebrity red carpet and “on the street” looks, fashion industry news, how to get celeb looks for less, where to find fashions seen on TV and in movies, and interviews with “of the now” fashion designers. -from the ABOUT page.

This all sounds great, right? And I've looked around: the content over there is actually pretty good. It's the right combination of cheekiness and informative. However, so far, it doesn't seem too far off from his regular gossip site, as it's almost exclusively celebrity fashion commentary.

I'll keep my eye on Coco Perez, because I'm curious to see his picks for "on the street" fashion, and I'd like to see how he'll tell us "how to get celeb looks for less". On one hand, no one has as much access to celebrity information as he does, but on the other hand, this is a guy who launched a line at Hot Topic that consisted of graphically garish t-shirts, hoodies, and Kayne- esque sunglasses. In a word? Ick. Behold:

Perez's Hot Topic line

And, really, can we trust this guy for all of our fashion news?:

do i trust his fashion sense?

Well, maybe. I do kinda love his hair and make-up here.

[photos via Gawker and Newscom]