Stellar seller: Buffalo Exchange

I went to Buffalo Exchange yesterday with my friend Amanda and Raquel of Witty Bitch. I bought a navy blue prairie dress, a brown belt, and some yellow tights (because kate spade has influenced me). I'm sure I'll be photographing those some time this week.

If you've been coming to this site for a while, no doubt you've noticed that a lot of my clothes and accessories are from Buffalo Exchange. In fact, out of the 35 outfits I've uploaded to Weardrobe, more than half of them incorporate a piece that I've purchased from BX. The hearts denote the Buffalo Exchange outfits:

Buffalo Exchange

I love Buffalo Exchange so much that between FNL seasons 1 and 2, I worked there as a buyer. If I didn't have to keep asking for so much time off for auditions, I would have worked there for forever, even though I'm pretty sure I spent more money there than I made. Truthfully, it was the best non-acting job that I've ever had, and I was sad that I couldn't balance my acting schedule with my BX work schedule.
I'll admit that selling your clothes to Buffalo Exchange can be a little bit daunting. The worst is when you go in with several trash bags full of clothes and the buyer maybe buys the one thing that you threw in there as a joke and then passes on all your really awesome stuff that you thought for sure they'd offer you a billion dollars for. Then you have to do the walk of shame to your car with your bags still full!

Believe me, this happens way more often than not, but it's not because the crazy fashionista behind the counter hates your guts and despises your personal style. If they're passing on things that you think they should have bought, here's some reasons why:
1. They may already have a lot of what you're selling in the store.
2. The store could be really, really full so they've been instructed to be incredibly selective until the racks empty up a bit.
3. The items you're selling may not be in season, yet.

Before I worked there, it was hard to sell there. For me, my clothes are an extension of who I am. If they didn't buy my clothes, that means they didn't like my clothes, and that means that they don't like the way I dress, and that means they don't like me, and that means I should just go eat worms and cry in a corner.

But after I worked there, I found out that there's just so much more to it than that. And besides, there's no reason to be embarrassed if the buyer doesn't buy your stuff. One time a dude came in with (this is not a joke!) two trash bags full of jock straps and sweat socks. Those are the kind of people who should be embarrassed. I mean, really. What in the world was he doing with so many jock straps? And why in the world did he think I'd be able to resell them at Buffalo Exchange? Um, gross.

As for shopping there, I seem to have really good luck on Thursdays and Fridays before noon. Some of my best finds from Buffalo Exchange include my Roberto Cavalli jeans ($85 NWT, $595 retail), both my Karta dresses ($40 each, $167 retail), my Minnetonka boots ($30 NWT, $72 retail), and my motocycle t-shirt that has a dude on it that reminds me of my uncle Dave.

If there's a Buffalo Exchange in your town, I seriously recommend buying and selling there. And if your clothes get rejected, don't take it personally... unless of course, you brought in a giant bag of used jock straps. That's just gross.