Skirting the Circle Scarf issue

When I was a kid, I thought it was perfectly acceptable to wear my dance clothes to school, so I regularly wore legwarmers, bodysuits (as shirts), and old recital costumes to class. To this day, I have a weakness for leotards, Lycra, and tulle. Even as an adult, dance wear still makes me extremely happy. Hey! I just realized that this may or may not explain my unshakable penchant for all things American Apparel!

Cirlce scarf as skirtCircle scarf as skirt (take 2)chucks & belt

date: 18 August 2009
occasion: cleaning house, writing, possibly thrifting later today
leotard: estate sale
scarf (as skirt): American Apparel
belt: Buffalo Exchange, new merch
shoes: Converse

This is my trusty Circle Scarf again. I didn't cover how to make it into a skirt in the infamous Cirlce Scarf instructional video because I just figured it out this morning. It's pretty easy to rig up, though. Basically, it takes two belts. The other belt is beneath the layered fold, and it's what's holding the skirt's shape around my waist.

Oh, man. I just realized that it is going to be virtually impossible to pee in this outfit as there are no snaps in the girl-area of my bodysuit! In order to use the loo, I'm going to have to get completely undressed and reconfigure the skirt. Oh noes!

Warning: This outfit is not recommended for children and may not be safe to wear if you have a teeny bladder coupled with a teeny amount of patience.

Do not try this at home, kids.