Dang! Bangs!

Dang! I wanted to do a special post once when I had my 100th, but I just checked, and this is officially my 105th post. In the illustrious words of Luigi from Mario Kart Double Dash, "Wow wow wow wee!" Thank you so much to all those who land here and leave their marks. I never imagined that doing a style blog could be so rewarding!

In other news, I have an announcement to make:

tomorrow night I am cutting my hair.

Granted, I'm not cutting a lot of my hair as I seem to get more acting work when my hair is extraordinarily long, but tomorrow evening, I will be the proud owner of a nice, thick set of bangs. Hopefully. Well, unless I chicken out again. True story: The last time I went to get my hair trimmed and a set of bangs added, just as he was getting ready to make the big snip I yelled, "STOP! No bangs!"

But, I figure that if this blog is ever going to be taken seriously (haha), then I need to go to the beauty shop to request "the blogger bang special":

Fashion bloggers with bangs

1. Kansas Couture, 2. Ideé Géniale, 3. The Glamouri, 4. Jen Loves Kev, 5. Delightfully Tacky, 6. Blue Collar Catwalk, 7. Chicfaced, and 8. This Time Tomorrow

In all honesty, I've wanted bangs for about two years and ever since I've immersed myself into this fashion blogger community, I've had a serious onset of bang envy. Tomorrow I'm printing out the above collage and taking it to the hair cuttery. My appointment is at 7:00 p.m. and the husband is going to meet me there to try to prevent me from chickening out.

I'm nervous! The last time I got bangs, I was extremely unhappy with them. The bangs came out way shorter than I wanted, seemed a little crooked, and after a few days developed a strange cowlick that make me look more like Ed Grimley than any of the lovelies above. Plus I'm pretty sure if I cut my hair, I'll lose all my strength. That can happen! I swear! I read it in a book once!