Today's Thrifting Treasures

Oh, good gracious! Today was another afternoon of thrifting. The husband and I are going to Boston in a week to visit his mom and from there we'll be hitting up the California Bay Area for our guy friend's wedding. I was on a mission to find a one piece bathing suit for the pool at the mom-in-law's and a jewel toned dress for the nuptials.

Since it's Tax Free weekend, I thought today would be a good day to do said purchases. I thought since I was heading down to Buffalo Exchange, that I'd go ahead and take my "to sell" pile with me. Out of the items from last week's video, I kept the two highest rated items: the green disco dress and Melissa's black chiffon dress. I took the rest to see what they'd buy. To my surprise (but per usual) the buyer bought the six items I thought for sure they'd pass on:

BX buys

They bought the F21 leopard dress for $9.50, the Wet Seal floral summer dress for $8.50, the husband's BDG jeans for $16.50, the black vest for $9.50, the O'Neil camo shorts for $11.00, and the grey corduroy Target skirt for $7.50. The also bought an outstretched tri-blend American Apparel sweat shirt for $10.50, three Halloween costumes (a fairy costume for $13.00, a go-go dancer dress for $15.50, and a faux leather Native American shirt and top for $17.00), a purse I had purchased there two years ago for $8.00, and an ugly hat I bought on a whim at Rue 21 for $6.50.

The total price was $166.00! You can opt to take 50% of that in store credit or 35% of that in cash. Since I needed to find a dress and a swimsuit, I opted for the store credit and began to shop around. The store wasn't crowded at all, much to my delight. I started in the dresses and instantly found the dress for the wedding! It was a identical to a dress I had tried on last weekend, but this one was a size smaller (what I needed) and still had the tags attached. Score! I also found a Banana Republic faux fur cropped jacket that is almost identical to the $695 chubbie at kate spade, an elephant necklace, and two items from the 50% off rack: a white lace wedding jacket that I plan to dye (inspired by Mary at StyleFyles) and a skirt from the Go Line at Target. Out of pocket, I spent $1.75, and let me tell you: it was freaking awesome to pay for my Buffalo Exchange purchases with coins!

Next stop was Savers where I found the swimsuit and a little boy's plaid shirt that fit me perfectly, a red belt, and a Power Rangers t-shirt.

Today's Thrifted treasures

1. Swimsuit, C-Collection via Savers- $3.99
2. Elephant necklace, Buffalo Exchange- $12.50
3. Faux fur cropped jacket, Banana Republic via Buffalo Exchange- $18.00
4. Lace wedding jacket, Victor Costa via Buffalo Exchange, $4.75
5. Plaid button down (boys), Ralph Lauren via Savers- $5.99
6. Red elastic belt, Savers- $1.99
7. Power Rangers authentic vintage tee, Savers- $4.99
8. Target Go International skirt (NWT) via Buffalo Exchange- $4.50
9. MM Couture dress (NWT) via Buffalo Exchange- $28.50

Grand total spent? $18.71. You can't see me right now, but I am doing an extremely nerdy victory dance!