Stellar Seller: LuLu's

I will never forget the day I discovered LuLu's. It was before I started Adored Austin, and I was catching up on some blogs over at Tumblr. Someone had posted a photo of a lovely sundress for sale at LuLu's, and it was love at first site. Later that day, I discovered Kansas Couture and was delighted to see that she was a LuLu's fan, too.I love LuLu's because their prices are phenomenal. The Honeysuckle Ruffle Dress (above) is on sale right now for $39.50.

Honestly, the cheap prices initially freaked me out, but after placing my first order, I discovered that even though the prices are low, the quality of clothes is way better than Forever 21 (so feel free to wash your LuLu's clothes without fear of them falling apart!). The prices fall somewhere between F21 and Urban Outfitters, but on top of that, they're always emailing discount codes and having amazing sales. Also, if an item is made in the U.S. (and a lot of the items are) they make sure to note "lovingly made in the U.S.A." in the description.

They get new stuff every single week, and since they only order limited quantities, the inventory is always changing and staying fresh.

Something that I appreciate is the fact that they have a wishlist option. I have found that this is a great way to keep track of stuff you'd like to purchase. My birthday is in October, and I plan to simply give Hubs the info for my LuLu's wishlist in hopes that he gets me something (or several somethings!) from their site.

Here's a sample of some of my fall picks from my wishlist:

LuLu*s wishlist

1. Sequin Affair Crop Jacket: $70
2. Democracy of Nevermind- Rockstar Black Skinny Zip Jeans: $99
3. Silver Screen Handbag: $39
4. Alternative Apparel- Burnout tee: $24
5. Black Petite Fleur Necklace: $29
6. Pink Duchess- Black Vegan Lace-up Shoes: $24

Check out LuLu's at:

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