Introducing Big Blue

Man, oh, man, it's going to be one of those "running around like a chicken with its head cut off days". Tonight is my new bangs haircut (well, hopefully), but before that I have to finish cleaning the house. Hubs' old band mate and his wife are visiting us tomorrow from Georgia! Then I get to make dinner for my dear friend Abby who is having surgery today. But before that, I need to run to the mall to buy a new tube top (more on that later) and a pair of shoes to go with the blue dress I just bought for next week's wedding. Immediately after I finish this post, I need to make a trip to the post office, the grocery store, Target, and (the dreaded) mall. Forget going to the gym! No time!

I'm going to the post office today because I am sending Big Blue on to her next destination. What's Big Blue, you ask? Well, Big Blue is a really fun, DIY chain that Mary over at Style Fyles started. She took a basic eyelet shirt from Banana Republic and dyed it blue. Then she had the inspired idea to pass it around the fashion blogger community to have us add our creativity to it. I was the second recipient, and I simply replaced the drawstrings with crisp, white, grosgrain ribbon:

Big Blue detailsIntroducing: Big Blue

date: 25 August 2009
occasion: running errands galore
shirt: DIY Chain 2009, modified Banana Republic via Buffalo Exchange
skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Alfani
belt: Target

I have to go to the dreaded mall today, because my dog ate my white tube top from Express. This was my only white tube top, and it was a basic staple of my wardrobe. This may have happened on the same day he ate my favorite dress. I found it rolled up under the couch, where he obviously tried to hide the evidence.
My dog is a jerk

Even though he's cute, my dog is still a jerk. I'm just glad he didn't eat Big Blue.