Plane outfit

Here I am in Boston, and boy did I screw up by only packing one pair of jeans! It's a very crisp 55º here (compared to 90º in Austin), and I haven't taken my sweater off even once!

I have a confession to make: I don't really like wearing jeans. I have some amazing jeans in my collection, but I feel so man-ish whenever I wear jeans... even if I pair 'em with heels and a cute top. What's the deal? While in Boston, it is my mission to find a pair of slim fitting jeans (preferably with ankle zippers) that make me feel feminine to the max.

Whenever I fly, I dress for warmth and comfort. I'm always freezing on airplanes, and I like to nap as soon as I finish my copy of Sky Mall. So when I got dressed this morning, I put on this... um... creative ensemble:

American Apparel Circle Scarf, Target boyfriend t-shirt, Thailand neck scarf, Joe's Jeans, and Toms Shoes.

Then I got inside, uploaded this photo to Flickr and gasped (yes, GASPED) in horror at my outfit. I looked like a chunky little Asian boy! What was a I thinking? (By the way, I am horrified to even be posting this outfit, but dear readers, you have the right to know that I make bad choices sometimes. Gosh, I'm only human!). The only thing in this photo that is acceptable is my laptop bag. My laptop bag is awesome, and I've been told on multiple occasions that it may be the prettiest computer bag in the world:

prettiest computer bag in the world!

You should know that if I feel like I'm dressed frumpy, I will act grumpy. Since a grump is not a good travel companion, I hauled butt to the closet and re-evaluated my flight wear. I finally settled on this, instead (and tucked the Circle Scarf in the bag for later):

Plane Jane

date: 29 August 2009
occasion: airplaning to Boston
vintage sweater: estate sale
dress: American Apparel
tank: American Apparel
vintage scarf (as belt): gifted from Grandma
shoes: thrifted from Savers
laptop bag: Abbi New York

I ended up being perfectly comfortable and didn't feel at all frumpy OR grumpy. Aside from the crying baby three rows back and the freaked out cat in a bag two rows back and the man with gas in my row, it wasn't a bad flight at all!

Out of curiosity, what do y'all wear when you fly?