I rocked Rockport

Day two of my Boston trip! Today we walked the rocks on the Gloucester coast and then drove up to Rockport for my very first lobster roll! It was delicious. The seafood here is so much better than the "seafood" in Texas (duh!). I don't think I've ever had lobster this yummy in all of my life. I think this guy was swimming around happily up until this morning:

lobster roll
It's beautiful here, and I'm having a marvelous time. Hubs' family lives in Middleton, which is about 30 minutes north of Boston. We haven't yet gone shopping, but I think we'll be doing a little of that tomorrow and Wednesday. Per your suggestions, I'll definitely try to hit up The Garment District and one of the Poor Little Rich Girl shops before we leave.
Jimi's gonna get jealous
bow head
Bag and bow
date: 31 August 2009
occasion: Rockin' Rockport
dress: Old Navy
sweater: American Apparel
shoes: Nine West (thrifted)
hand printed bag: swag bag from the 2007 Stitch Fashion Show
double bow headband: LuLu

I miss Jimi, but Hubs' family has two rambunctious doggies that we get to spend time with. I love how Jackie (in the top photo) wanted to get in my self- style photo this morning.

Today does not feel like Monday at all. Whenever I'm on vacation, my internal calendar gets all jacked up. It feels like Wednesday to me, which means I keep thinking that Project Runway is on tomorrow. Last week was the very first time I ever saw it, and I'm officially an addict (thanks, Abby). I kinda wish Tim Gunn would adopt me as his half- Asian/ half- Indian daughter and then dispense fashion and life advice to me on a semi- daily basis. Can someone make that happen, please?