Tights weather!

Wow! It's tights weather up here in Boston. I cannot wait until it gets to be tights weather in Austin. Today was a day of mondo shopping. We went to Poor Little Rich Girl (both locations!), The Garment District, and Louis Boston. And horror of all horrors, I had the worst luck, ever. I didn't buy a single thing! I didn't even try on a single thing! We may go back to Newbury Street tomorrow, so perhaps I'll have better luck.

When getting dressed this morning, I realized that my sandals are a lot more comfortable than the Nine West shoes that I brought with me (see yesterday). Since we had a bit of walking, comfort was the key. In my September Vogue, I saw a lot of open toed shoes with tights, so I thought I would give it a try, too.

Finally, tights!

date: 1 September 2009
occasion: exploring some Boston shops
sweater: American Apparel
skirt: American Apparel
tank: American Apparel
tights: Target
shoes: Joan and David (thrifted)
sunglasses: Walmart
necklace: Grandma

I wore this outfit sans the tights recently to a candy shop in Austin, and the girl behind the counter was going off on a tirade to her co-workers about how dumb she thought American Apparel was. She was going on and on saying how people who wear American Apparel are "attention seekers" and "posers" and "wannabe hipsters". I am still not sure if she was talking to me (indirectly), but I felt that my outfit was pretty understated and borderline boring. I know that Dov Charney (American Apparel CEO) is largely considered to be a mega- skeeze, but I just love American Apparel. Where else can I find American-made, affordable basics? And with the American Apparel Outlet in Round Rock, Texas, the prices are very reasonable! Hello, 30% discount!

American Apparel: Is it a do or a do not?(trends)

Dov Charney is:(polling)