Someone needed a siesta

There are days when I look at my daily self-style photo and I ask myself, "Do I really look like that?!" Today is one of those days. It is evident that I look as tired as I feel! Nonetheless, I debuted my new Mexican house dress today. I felt cute. Tired. But cute.

2008 called, they want their style back

date: 7 September 2009
occasion: thrifting at Savers, hitting up two Labor Day get togethers
dress: Second Time Around (Boston)
shoes: Connie thrifted via Savers
bag: F21
belt: thrifted via Savers

When that whole Mexican house dress trend took off last summer, I did not partake. I felt silly every time I tried one on. They were always a bit too big, and I felt like I was about to serve chips and salsa to people, like I did at El Torito in college. Last Wednesday, in Boston, I spied this sweet little number at Second Time Around. I didn't even try it on. It was love at first sight... even if the Mexican house dress trend is long gone.

Funny. I now have a craving for some quality Mexican food. I didn't get any of that while on the east coast. It's burrito time, amigas! ¬°Buenos noches!