Style Chain: Risky Business

I think it would be fun if I incorporated some sort of "style chain" here on Adored Austin. My idea is this: each week, I would use another blogger's style photo and try my own interpretation of it. First up is the Risky Business Look demonstrated by Krystal over at This Time Tomorrow and Kate who was featured on The Sartorialist last September. Kate subsequently made it into The Sartorialist Book that came out last month, too!

Inspirations: Men's shirts
Inspired by Krystal and Kate... and Tom Cruise
date: 9 September 2009
occasion: lazing around, stuck at home
Hubs' shirt: thrifted via Savers
shorts: Golds Gym (hahahahaha!)
sash: remixed from a Laura Dahl dress
shoes: Donna Lawrence
9/9/09 accessories

ring: bought off a vendor on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, California
bag: Marshalls (no tag)
bracelet: Buffalo Exchange

Fact: In the Midwest, most people have a concrete goose on their porch and they dress it up for different holidays. This is a true story, people! I couldn't make this stuff up! In Texas, the concrete goose phenomenon is extremely rare. In fact, I may be the only one in Austin with a concrete goose on my porch. Also, my goose needs more outfits. He only has a witch's costume. Perhaps he should launch his own fashion blog once his wardrobe gets pumped up.

Lament: I can't go anywhere today as Hubs took my car to the shop. One of my tires got a hole in it, so now I'm stuck at home. I need to wear this outfit out in public to see if people challenge me to slide across the floor in my socks. If Bobby Knight can do it, I think I can, too.

Observation: I am convinced that Hubs is much smaller than the men who originally owned the shirts Kate and Krystal sport. There is absolutely no way I could have rocked it without the biker shorts underneath. Yowzers! And also... Dear Hubs, I borrowed your new shirt without asking you. Major fashion faux pas! Yikes. Sorry!

Challenge: Who's up next in this Risky Business Style Chain? I'd love to see additional takes on this. Just don't be inconsiderate by stealing your man's shirt without asking (especially if he hasn't worn it, yet). Geez. Rude!

[inspiration photos © The Sartorialist and This Time Tomorrow]