A tiny office for big thoughts

Are you curious to see where some of the magic happens? Well, friends, this is it:

Closet= office

When we first moved into this house two years ago, Hubs built me a little office in the closet underneath the stairs. Some may say that this is too small and too stuffy for an office, but I disagree. I love it! I feel focused and cozy when I'm in here, but of course, I am the kid who slept in my closet on top of my toy box, and to relax, I'd read a book in a kitchen cabinet. I kinda love small spaces. What a weirdo!

Today's outfit felt a little office-y, so instead of doing my usual garden shot, I set up the shot in front of my teeny office. I even put on my glasses! Nerd alert!

Hi, office girl

date: 10 September 2009
occasion: thinking and writing and in general, being a productive person
skirt: Second Time Around (Boston)
tank: Old Navy
espadrilles: Victoria Spencer
necklace: F21
bracelet: Ten Thousand Villages
locket: Grandma

I have an audition tape due Monday to a reality tv show. I was a finalist in that show last year and was flown out to L.A. for an in-person interview, screen test, and audition three days before filming began. When they decided not to use me, I was kindly told that I was "not competitive enough" and that my personality inventory test showed that I avoid confrontation like the plague.

That is all true! I guess a nice girl on a reality tv show does not make for good tv, no matter how funny she is! So now that they're doing a second season, I'm truly conflicted about what I should do. To be honest, nothing has really changed in me, personality-wise, so I'm still not going to be cutthroat. Plus I could never embarrass my grandmother by being a horrible person on tv. She raised me better than that!

But on the other hand, this could be a really good opportunity for me, and I'm very tired of coming soooooo close to landing roles, but then being passed over (recent auditions/ call-backs I've lost: Machete, Eclipse, and Jonah Hex). I'm not getting any younger, so that does make me a bit more competitive. But, really... do I want to be on a reality tv show? Thoughts? I have a day or so to decide.