Inferno, the disco kind

You may remember this dress from the infamous closet video. At your encouragement, I decided to keep it. My friend is having a birthday party tonight, so I thought I'd debut it with some slight modifications I did using one safety pin and one binder clip. This proves that I'm pretty much the MacGyver of styling, right? The dress without modifications is in the bottom photo:

modified disco dress
disco dress (as is)

date: 11 September 2009
occasion: Leann Rose's birthday party/ dinner at Trudy's
vintage disco dress: for the life of me, I can't remember! This may be the first time, ever! I will assume Buffalo Exchange, but it may have come from Savers.
shoes: Payless (circa 2000)
bag: thrifted in Seymour, Indiana
ring: Charlotte Russe

MacGyver once caused me to blow a hole in my backyard and scorch my Grandpa's tool shed. True story! When I was in the second grade, an episode of MacGyver taught me that a two liter bottle, aluminum foil, and some toilet cleaner will make a very small, but working, bomb. I put all said ingredients into an old Mountain Dew bottle, capped it, shook it up for a while, then threw it. Learn from my mistakes, people. DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME... or at your Grandpa's house. Results:
1. displaced soil
2. a permanent charred spot on the shed
3. two weeks of being grounded, and
4. a spanking.