Fur or fury?

It's Sunday! I don't usually post on Sundays (because, hey, everyone needs a day off!), but I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get a chance to post. I have lots and lots to say today. Let's get started!

Yesterday Hubs went thrifting with me again. That's two weekends in a row, which is incredible! We went to the Texas Thrift store, and I scored three items:

Yesterday's thrifted treasuresVintage fur

1. Behnaz Sarafpour for Target skirt, NWT- $6
The attached tag says $39.99. The skirt was from the Go Line in 2006. It's brand new, and has pockets hidden in the seam. I love pockets in my skirts!
2. An apple dish- $.75
I like things with apples on them because my last name is Adams. Adams Apple. Get it? Get it? This dish is for birdies to drink out of.
3. 1970's rabbit fut coat- $5
Blerg! I just don't know how I feel about this one. Shall we let the debating begin?

Even before seeing Jane and Judy's collection of furs, I have been pining for a fluffy fur coat of my own. Granted, most of Jane and Judy's furs are faux, but they do have some fabulous vintage and second-hand furs in their collection.

If I were filthy rich, I don't think that I'd buy new, luxury fur. However, I would not pass up a gorgeous vintage fur or a fur given to me... or one priced for only $5! That's what happened to me yesterday at Texas Thrift. Initially, I had a very giant, very woolly, very fake fur coat in my cart. It was marked at $14, which is an outstanding deal, even if the coat was overwhelmingly large. Then I found this beautiful, silk lined, perfect condition, real rabbit fur coat marked for only $5. I tried it on and two people came by to tell me that I had to buy it. The fit was perfection, and I'm sure the price was marked wrong. Even the check-out girl thought the price was set way too low. Score!

This is my very first authentic fur coat, and I'm a bit nervous to debut it because Hubs and I are almost vegetarians. I have to say almost because I will never, ever be able to give up sushi! He's a vegetarian for health and environmental reasons, not because he's an animal rights activist or anything like that. To that end, we both still wear leather belts, shoes, and coats.

A while back, the Liebemarlene Vintage blog had an interesting debate about furs, but I'm curious to know how Adored Austin readers feel. I'm also curious to know how my coat will fare here in Austin, which is full of Peta-type people. I guess if my coat gets red paint splashed on it by an overzealous Peta member, at least I know it only cost me a fiver, instead of $500.

Weigh in. And please feel free to offend me!:
Ah, the great fur debate:(answers)