I shall shop. I shall not drop.

Today is going to be a mega shopping day. First, I'm headed out the door to sell some clothes to Buffalo Exchange. I hope they buy my items so I can use the store credit to buy more items (oh, what a vicious, vicious cycle). I am on the prowl for pieces from my fall wish list:

My fall wish list

fur vest, wellies, leather pants, leather skirt, brown boots, red tights

Next I'm going to a new store in south Austin for a friend's birthday present. If they let me take photos, I'll do a post about the store later. It's a recent discovery and is my new go-to place for accessories.

Next I'm going to hit up Target to see if they finally got in the sweet Anna Sui/ Gossip Girl line that I blogged about in the beginning of July.

Anna Sui for Target Lookbook (partial)

Also, I am about to put in an order for another coat from Lulus (that 15% off "adoredaustin" code is getting a workout). I just cannot resist this marching band/ military coat trend any longer:

Originally inspired by the Balmain jacket from Spring '09, I was pretty much set on getting the ModCloth version. I even saw it yesterday on Jessica on BeautifulStranger.tv, so I did what any rational girl would do: I took that as a sign to order my freaking coat, already! At the very last minute, I changed my mind. I was browsing the new items on Lulu's when I spied the Castle Peak coat. It's a little more subtle, and I love the double breasted-ness of it. Plus, it's made of wool (versus cotton) and it's fully lined, so I image it will be much warmer... not that I have to worry about that in Austin, Texas, yet. Who knows. I still love that Modcloth jacket, so I may end up getting that later this season, too.