Style chain: plaid shirt, leather skirt

It's another test run day! Today I'm trying out the black leather skirt I got yesterday from Buffalo Exchange, and I thought it'd be fun to do another style chain. This time I wanted to use Orchid Grey's leather skirt/ plaid shirt post from last month. Then I remembered that she was inspired by This Time Tomorrow. I know that I'm seriously jacking Krystal's style again (le sigh), but I just can't help myself! Krystal herself used Judy from Atlantis Home as her style mentor.

Inspirations: Leather skirts and plaid

I love you like plaid.
I'm plaid about you.
Detail: elephant necklacedate: 16 September 2009
occasion: heading to the farmers market
skirt: Wilsons Leather, thrifted
shirt: Polo, thrifted
shoes: Christian Louboutin
feather necklace: F21
elephant necklace: thrifted

Since my skirt is lacking the big brass zipper like on the skirt on my fall wish list, I am greatly considering taking my skirt to a seamstress to have her cut the skirt down the front and install an 18'' heavy duty brass zipper, like this skirt on net-a-porter. If I get sick of the zipper on the front, I can always wear the skirt backwards. Of course all this will have to wait until next month since I've tapped out my September wardrobe monetary allotment!

By the way, today's style chain means that I make the fourth in this leather skirt/ plaid shirt pairing. I'd love to see #5 and so on. If you partake, make sure to post the links so we can all oooh and ahhh at you.