Thank you!

I wasn't able to attend the Independent Fashion Bloggers Dress Up Soiree (or anything having anything to do with New York Fashion Week for that matter since I live far away in freaking Texas), but Jennine from The Coveted was kind enough to solicit photos of some of the IFB'ers that could not make it. Two of my favorite bloggers, Mel of Idée Géniale and Nickie of Wild as a Mink, snapped a photo of me in all my ridiculous glory on the big screen at the party. Jen from JenLovesKev even tweeted that I was a part of the slideshow. I wasn't there, but I was THERE.

IFB party

I am so glad that this is the photo that Jennine chose to show of me because this really, super adequately represents my sense of humor and my anything goes philosophy of style. I was flattered when Fashionably Alaskan chose to style chain this look a couple days ago, too. Check out her inspiring, beautiful blog here. Isn't she fabulous?:

Excuse me for a moment, but I need to take a time-out to gush and fangirl. You should all know that I am swelling with happiness due to the kindness of the style bloggers' community. Everyone is so unique and sweet and supportive, and I'm so glad I started this little site a few months back. I hope to do it for a long, long, long time (um, try forever?), and I sincerely appreciate all the link love and comments and emails. Truly, I have a crush on every single one of you (yes, even the lurkers!). Thank you all for being so incredibly awesome. I am humbled that you spend a little part of your life reading what this banana has to say. If any of you are ever in Austin, I would love to meet you and go grab tacos and hit the thrift stores together, mmmkay? Seriously. I'd be honored.

[image © Just My Style]