Completely conventional

When I got home from the convention tonight, Hubs took me to Titaya's, my favorite Thai restaurant. Exhausted from standing for most of the day, I opted to go as casual as humanly possible:

A very casual date night
necklace and shoe detail

date: 18 September 2009
occasion: casual date night
dress: F21 (I de-bubble hemmed it, but still need to give it a regular hem)
cardigan: American Apparel
earrings: gift (same ones from yesterday)
bag: Gucci
flip flops: Buffalo Exchange (new merch)
necklace: another stunning piece from my Grandma's legendary yard sale!

When we got to the restaurant, there was an insanely long wait, but then the nicest thing happened: another couple, a few years older than us, invited us to sit at their table with them since it had four chairs. They have been married 14 years and have four kids, and it was so nice to share a meal and stories with people that have experienced a little more life than Hubs and I have experienced.

That sounds weird, right? Eating with strangers? Well, confession:
This is not the first time I have enjoyed dining with strangers! When Denny's had their free Grand Slam breakfast day, my friend Melissa and I found out the wait was TWO HOURS LONG! People, you cannot ask me to wait that long for food! I love food! We ended up walking up to the hostess stand and when the next party of two was called, we asked if we could join them (we offered to pick up their drinks and dessert and cover tip). We ate that meal with two UT students.

I know this sounds completely bananas, but if there's ever a long wait at a restaurant and there's only two of you, try to share your table with another two people. It always makes for interesting conversation. But perhaps I'm disillusioned. Maybe something like that would only work in a town as friendly as Austin. Could I swing this in New York or Los Angeles?