Get a handle on that necklace!

The pressure was ON. Tonight was the We Make Stuff party put on by Candace at Electric Productions. I had been saving my new dress for tonight, but even though the cut was super flattering, the dress alone just wasn't enough. Because I knew I'd be meeting Austin's finest jewelry designers, crafters, and quite a few fashion forward people, I felt enormous pressure to look cool. I needed something a bit more daring. What would a with-it crafter wear?

I got dressed and lamented the fact that I did not own a giant, chunky gold chain necklace or something (anything!) from The Glamouri. Just as I was about to scrap the whole outfit to redo it around my silver owl necklace, I took the chain off my thrifted quilted purse and buckled it around my neck. How's that for daring?
Gold wedges
This is not a 19 September 2009
occasion: We Make Stuff party at The Scoot Inn
dress: Lulu*s
bag: Goodwill
necklace: strap from a vintage purse
shoes: Rampage
Abe Lincoln bracelet: Naughty Secretary's Club

Hubs was waiting downstairs, ready to go, so I hollered down, "I'm about to come down there wearing the most ridiculous necklace. Please don't make fun of me, because when we get to the party, I am hoping that people may think it's cool..." He took one look at it and shrugged in resignation. "Yes, it's the strap from my purse," I reluctantly admitted.

We got there, and HOORAY! My "necklace" was a huge hit. As we were leaving, Hubs squeezed my hand and said, "You were right. People loved it!" And that, my friends, goes on the record as one of the few times Hubs publicly admits that I WAS RIGHT! Hahahahaha! It only took me wearing a purse strap around my neck.