Just wrapped: Annie Ray photoshoot

I just finished my photo shoot with Annie Ray, and wow! We had so much fun! I think I even made a new friend! She was an absolute delight to work with.

She had the idea to let Jimi be in most of the photos, and we made sure to keep it goofy.


As to what I wore, I basically pulled everything that anyone had suggested plus another 1/4th of my closet and threw it on the couch for Annie to choose. I ended up wearing four different outfits but only one photograph will run:

three looks

1. In the yard, I wore my new Lulu*s dress complete with the purse strap necklace. I added a pair of magenta tights and a gold brocade jacket that I haven't yet photographed for my dailies. To keep it fun, I wore my green polka dotted rain boots.
2. Also in the yard (but sitting on the ground), I wore my yellow Karta dress with a thrifted faux fur shrug. I kept the magenta tights on. I was in my stocking feet, but my gold wedges and my beloved Gucci were on the ground in the shot.
3. For the third look, I sat at my kitchen table, and I wore a black dress (similar to the yellow Karta one above, except with silver jewels). I wore my double decker hair bow, yellow tights, and my snowman house shoes! I used my skinny thrifted silver purse as a prop.
4. Lastly, we shot inside my teeny office. I wore my BB Dakota dress and the gold brocade jacket. I topped it off with my giant flower headband. No tights and no shoes, but my very old, very beat up Loubs (with the red soles toward camera) were on the ground and were maybe in the shot.

Because it was so important to me that people know that I'm not afraid to be funny, I acted over the top snooty, bored, and frustrated in a lot of the photos. I was also cracking up at Jimi, who was being a squirmy little pest. I do hope the photographs come out funny and vibrant, and I hope people can get the idea that I absolutely love doing Adored Austin, but I don't take myself or fashion too terribly seriously. I'm really glad I didn't panic and go shopping before the shoot, because now, no matter which photograph the editor chooses, I'll be wearing clothes that I actually own and have worn before.

Thank you to everyone who gave me advice about what to wear! The photograph will be published in November, and of course I'll be sure to post it when it's out. Afterall, you were basically my long distance Grace Coddington for this shoot.