Recap: Austin Tidbits/ Neiman Marcus party

Being down here in Texas, I may have missed out on all the fun at New York Fashion Week, but I did get a chance to partake in some of the Austin Style Week traditions. Yesterday was the Neiman Marcus/ Austin Tidbits party, and when I heard there was going to be a goody bag for the first 100 guests that would include some beauty samples from Chanel and Armani, I made sure I was first in line:

Promises, promises

And, golly, was I glad we showed up an hour early! They were out of bags in less than five minutes! At 5:15 p.m., over 200 women (and one man) were circling the young collectors section of Neiman's in anticipation. You can't advertise FREE CHANEL and not expect a giant crowd!

And yes, I was first in line. I'm tall and I'm smiley. It's combination people don't mess with. I was so excited, but I didn't open my bag right away. Instead, Emmy and Laura and I enjoyed some of the free white cranberry cosmos and cake balls (yes, cake balls):
Neiman Marcus, you hearts us
cake balls
After I swooned over all the Alice + Olivia stuff, we called it a night. We walked over to The Steeping Room (a tea shop) to take stock of all our new swag:
Thanks, Neiman MarcusA Kiehl's shampoo? Sweet! A little notebook? That's cool. A sample of Tom Ford's Black Orchid perfume? Awesome! But... wait... where's my Chanel? I thought for sure we'd be getting a sample of Jade Rose nail polish, so I wore my BB Dakota dress to compliment the pinkness of it:

BB Dakota: fall look
BB Dakota dress w/ button down

date: 25 September 2009
occasion: Neiman Marcus/ Austin Tidbits party
dress: BB Dakota
button down: NY & Co
shoes: thrifted, Dexter
bag: Louis Vuitton (thanks, mom)

Le sigh. No one got any Chanel or any Armani. It was a minor disappointment, but we can't be jerks about it. I was able to snap some street style photos, and we got free stuff and free cake balls! Yes, free cake balls! That was my first time having them, but cake balls just moved into my top five favorite foods. I love them so much, that I've even composed a haiku about 'em:
Birthday on a stick.
A belly celebration.
Delicious cake ball.

Haiku's are free over here on Adored Austin. Enjoy that, okay?