See more Indiana in Seymour, Indiana

I am so incredibly excited about my upcoming trip to the midwest! I go back to my hometown of Seymour, Indiana every October, for the town's annual Oktoberfest. It's amazing. Practically anyone who has ever lived there makes sure to come back for this one glorious weekend. My family is even coming up from Tampa, Florida and we'll all be reunited with my grandma again.

In honor of this upcoming trip and because I'm feeling quite nostalgic, I am wearing two pieces that I bought in Seymour a couple years ago during Oktoberfest weekend. I thought last week fall had finally settled into Texas, but lo and behold, it's back to shorts weather again today:
cord shorts 1
cord shorts 2
ruffles, suitcase, & shoesdate: 28 September 2009
occasion: being extra wifey today- cooking, cleaning, etc.
velvet shorts: Anew (bought from JC Penny's in Seymour, Indiana)
ruffle tank top: gift from my friend Emmy
shoes: NYT (bought from the now closed Goody's store in Seymour, Indiana)
suitcase: American Tourist, from an estate sale

Today I finally found my long lost tube of Clinique Butter Shine Cranberry Creme lipstick, henceforth known as the best red lipstick in the world!

favorite lipstick

I leave this Thursday for Indiana, and I'll return on Monday, October 5th. I do hope to blog while I'm away (like I did while in Boston), and I even hope to do some street style photos while I'm there. And trust me, my townsfolk are pretty cute (Proof? Miss America is from my town, as is John Mellencamp and the boys from The Elms). Contrary to popular belief, my Seymour Street Style photos will not look like, I promise!