In the dressing room: Anna Sui for Target

Back in July, I blogged about the Anna Sui/ Gossip Girl inspired line coming to Target. After months of waiting, today I finally got to my local store to check out what was left.
It's so much cuter on the models!
anna sui for targetPlease excuse my phone photos. I didn't bust out the DSLR for fear that Target security would ban me from the store forever. Ugly shirts aside, there were only six pieces in my size left.
1. Polyester, metallic top: $39.99
I liked it but I'm unwilling to pay more than $25.00 for it. I can only hope that this will end up on the clearance rack or at my local Buffalo Exchange.
2. Houndstooth Jacquard dress: $69.99
The fit was immaculate and it seemed very well constructed, however, the cotton-like lace trim didn't seem to go that well with the sheen of the dress. I liked it, but I wasn't crazy about it, so I passed.
3. Herringbone dress: $59.99
The cut was boxy, and although the outside was said to be 100% cotton, it was so heavy and itchy that it felt like 100% wool.
4. Gray Feather dress: $69.99
If this dress were on Project Runway, Heidi Klum would kick that designer to the curb! The "feathers" on this dress were actually flimsy pieces of thin plastic... the kind that confetti is made out of! The bottom of the dress was like a tent that several scouts could have camped in overnight.
5. Empire floral dress: $44.99
This was the most reasonably priced dress of the bunch, and though I wasn't ga ga over the print pattern, I loved the fit. I almost bought it until I realized that I vaguely felt like a hot scarecrow in all those fall colors.
6. Black lace halter dress: $69.99
I absolutely could not get past the collar on this dress. Seriously. I felt like a Playboy Bunny or some kind of slutty waitress.

Le sigh. For those prices, Anna Sui, color me unimpressed.