Stellar Seller: Savers

I started thrifting in high school. Around sophomore year, I became obsessed with the 60's and 70's and developed a penchant for Marcia Brady dresses, polyester dress shirts, and bell bottoms. My history of thrifting continued through college, where I was finally introduced to the glorious place that is Savers (also known as Value Village and Village des Valeurs in other parts of the world).

When Hubs and I moved to Texas three years ago, I was thrilled to find another Savers mere miles from our digs. There's just something magical about going through rack after rack, trying to find a once loved but now discarded treasure. Savers is one of my favorite places because it's organized well enough that the treasure hunt does not seem overwhelming, and the prices are low enough that if you choose well, you can sometimes sell your stuff to Buffalo Exchange after you've grown tired of wearing 'em and still come out even. Bonus: every week day, they do "color tag sales", where a certain tag color will be 50% off. Double bonus: If you donate more than two grocery sacks full of goods, you'll be given a 20% off coupon that you can use immediately!

That's precisely what I did yesterday:

donations and purchases

This combined with the $20 Savers gift certificate I won from Punky Style, netted me all these goodies:

savers purchases

1. yellow F21 dress, 2. early 90's GAP vest, 3. beaded angora cardigan,
4. GAP dress, 5. F21 dress, 6. old man elastic belt.
Sometimes I get lucky and find an amazing Kenneth Cole jacket with the $139 tag still attached. Other times I find something hilarious, like a Power Rangers t-shirt or my friend's dress. But then there's days like yesterday, where I simply score a lot of great basics and layer pieces at crazy cheap prices.

Tips for Savers:
1. Go before noon. The store is full from last night's and that morning's restocking, and the store is still neat and organized.
2. In Austin, go on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The store hasn't been picked over by the professional shoppers (who often hit up the stores early on Saturdays or Sundays), which means awesome vintage pieces (that are Feathers worthy) are still lurking around.
3. If there's an "ethnic clothing" rack, make sure to check that out. My Savers puts their Marcia Brady dresses and ethnic inspired tunics on this rack.
4. Always check the rack outside the fitting room, because if someone else liked it enough to try on, it may be worth trying it on yourself.
5. Check out the stuff in the glass case. I've seen authentic Coach wallets in the case from $14.99.
6. Don't automatically disregard the shoe section. I know, I know... some of you are squeamish about used shoes, but I've gotten a lot of shoes there that are brand new (size stickers still on the bottom and absolutely no sole marks).
7. Ladies, make sure to check out both the little boy's section and the men's section. Some of my favorite shirts and belts were things I've found in the other gender's part of the store.