crafty bloggers

Some girls blog. Some girls craft. Some girls do both.

Four of my most favorite bloggers have recently started selling their goods on Etsy. I am terribly impressed, and I'm dying to get my hot hands on some of their homemade goodies:

new etsy shops by awesome bloggers

1. Daisy Headband by Jen Loves Kev.
shop: Jen Loves Kev Etsy
2. Feather facinator by Delightfully Tacky.
shop: Delightfully Tacky Etsy
3. Green bow barrette by Ideé Géniale.
shop: Ideé Géniale Etsy
4. Birdcage necklace by Between Laundry Days.
shop: Objects Found Etsy

I feel incredibly inspired to get crafty myself, but I'll be honest: I'm not very handy at the glue gun, sewing machine, or jewelry crimpers. Trust me and my seventh grade home economics teacher: it's best if I leave the crafting up to people with talent and know-how.