Black belt in cardigan style

I think it's official. Fall is here! I finally have a decent selection of tights, so bring it on!

belted cardigan
belted cardigan

date: 10 October 2009
occasion: shopping Austin's Chinatown and karaoke party
dress: Lux
sweater: American Apparel
tank (unseen): Express
belt: Savers
tights: Target
boots: Rue 21
bag: Marshalls

To honor my fall style, I wrote a haiku:
Fall is upon us
Hello, cardigan weather
I still refuse pants

Sorry for such a late post today. I'm having a karaoke party tonight (right now, actually!), and since nothing is as Asian as a karaoke party, I had to do a quick jaunt to the Asian grocery store for some snacks, like...

House wife soy sauce:

housewife soy sauce

Halogen tofu:

halogen taste flavor dried tofu

And my personal favorite, vegetarian intestines:

vegetarian instines

Asians are so weird. :0)

Comment of the Day: LOL They could have made that product into any possible shape to make it more attractive - and they picked intestines??? Oh, man. I'm sure there's some lil' ol' Asian grandmother out there who thinks it tastes better in the intestine form, than say, ball or cube form. -Diana Draw