what I wanted to wear vs. what I actually wore

I did my style photo at five o'clock this evening and was dressed like this:

This is not what I wore/ it's too hot for cashmere
cardigan: courtesy of Angela's Runway (prize from Weardrobe), dress: thrifted F21,
tank: F21, scarf: Grandma, necklaces: Grandma, shades: Walmart

The drizzle fooled me! I assumed that since it was sprinkling, it'd be nippy outside. This proved to be false when I sweated through the cashmere sweater I was wearing. I promptly had to change my top before Hubs and I went to our weekly small group. He snapped a phone photo of me in what I actually wore:

This IS what I wore/ I'm a Golden Girl (I'm probably Rose or Blanche)

date: 13 October 2009
occasion: grabbing take-out, thrifting, and going to small group
jacket: vintage WDNY
dress: thrifted F21
tank: F21
bag: F21
sandals: thrifted
necklace: Grandma

Tonight at small group, my friend Jess gave me the best compliment, ever! She said, "It hit me the other day, who you are, personified. Did you ever read The Baby-Sitters Club? Your fashion is totally like Claudia."

Oh my gosh. Yes! Exactly! Claudia was totally my favorite.

P.S./ Update: Huge thanks to Mariel for the link to What Claudia Wore. I blog stocked the author and found this amazing interview with her concerning the fashion goddess that is Claudia Kishi, BSC VP. Go there now.