Not leather weather!

I went to see Grease today, so I wanted to do an homage to the T-Birds some how. Ah-ha! Vintage leather skirt time! Little did I know that temps in the 90’s make for a very uncomfy time in a leather skirt. For my photos, I thought I'd give you a little Rizzo sass:

not leather weather
But I felt silly trying to be tough and sexy. I'm much more of a sweet Sandy:
not leather weather (2)

date: 15 October 2009
occasion: Grease at The Long Center then Fashionique for the Cure party
vintage leather skirt: Wilsons Leather
tank: Calvin Klein
belt: Buffalo Exchange, new merch
shoes: Victoria Spencer
necklace: (oh golly, Clare, I love it so much!)

The musical was wonderful, and my seats were superb (second row!). Everyone really seemed to enjoy Taylor Hicks who was playing Teen Angel (in other words, he was the dude who sings "Beauty School Drop-Out" to Frenchie). I had never seen Grease live, and I love musicals, so I was all teary with happiness (really!). I'm a fan of the movie, but some things in the movie just didn't make sense to me (like why does Danny dance with ChaCha at the school dance and why are the T-Birds so mad at the rival gang?). The musical explained things better. The only bad thing? It still ended is still the same. Boooo. Why does Sandy have to get a make-over and start smoking for Danny to not be ashamed to be her boyfriend? I thought cheerleader Sandy was perfectly delightful. Anyone else?

Comment of the Day: Danny dances w/Cha Cha because she's a total slut! But she's awesome....she's maybe my fave character actually. -WildasaMink