Well, that was fun! My group of friends split up for guys night and girls night tonight. While the dudes were watching Apocalypse Now Redux at my house, Emmy and Heidi had people over to their place where we watched Dirty Dancing and got crafty. Since I was put in charge of the craft, I solicited ideas on Twitter. We ended up making feather fascinators per the suggestion of Jessica Mullen. They were a hit and incredibly easy to fashion together. All you need is feathers, felt, a hot glue gun, pins, and alligator clip barrettes. Twenty bucks bought enough supplies at Hobby Lobby so that everyone could make two and there were TONS of feathers and pins left over. Here's my creation:
Formal shorts!
DIY feathersdate: 17 October 2009
occasion: Feathers Four Year Anniversary party and then girly craft night at Emmy's house.
blazer: estate sale
tank: Old Navy
shorts: Feathers Boutique
shoes: Rampage
necklace: flea market
gold feather pin: flea market
feather fascinator: DIY, minutes prior to the photo!

I had to wear these shorts because they are one of the only things I own from Feathers Boutique. The unflappable ChrisReed, from Fashism said to me, "DO NOT WEAR SOMETHING YOU BOUGHT AT A STORE TO A PARTY THERE! IT IS LIKE WEARING A T-SHIRT FROM A BANDS LAST TOUR TO THEIR SHOW. IT IS NEVER OK." (the caps are his, not mine).

However, I was under the impression that if I see a Calvin Klein runway show, I should wear Calvin Klein. Therefore, if I'm going to a party at Feathers, I should wear something that I bought there. True or False? Does anyone have a definitive opinion about this?

Comment of the Day: It's not as if you wore an entire get up of Feathers stuff with a Feathers graphic tee...one piece is not bad- it's says "Yes I shop here, not a poser"... Now wearing actual feathers... that's a different story... -Schwannita