Steller Seller: Buy Definition

I first learned about Buy Definition from Jane over at Sea of Shoes. I can't believe it took an out- of- towner to introduce me to this fabulous local shop. After reading Jane's post, I went in and instantly fell in love. Now six months later, I still regularly browse the online shop to see what's new. I am especially enamored of all things Lorick.

So, wow! I sure was excited when Esti, the owner, recently contacted me about being in some Buy Definition editorial photos this Thursday. I stopped by the showroom today to take a look around. I couldn't believe my eyes! A lot had changed since April (when they were first moving into their new space), and it was so exciting to see that most of the labels they carry are international brands not carried at any other Austin boutique:

buy definition in store goodies

For the fitting, Esti let me look through the entire store and pick out three complete outfits for the shoot. This was a nice surprise, because I was expecting her to have the outfits already pulled for me. By letting me pick the ensembles, I think I'll feel more like me in the photos, and my eclectic/ whimsical style will still shine through. These were my final picks:

buy definition rack

Here's a sneak peak at some of them:

sneak peak: my pics from

On top of all the awesomeness and excitement that goes with a fitting for a photoshoot, Esti introduced me to two brands that I am now bananas about: Mink Pink and Motel. Both of those lines are new to me, but I'm in love with them because they're both affordable, modern, and fun.

So yes, today was a stellar day, and I can't wait to see how Thursday's photos come out! I totally recommend that you check out Buy Definition online, and if you're in Austin, make sure to stop by the showroom to say hi to Esti and to see all these amazing pieces in person.

Comment of the Day: You need a PA on Thurs? I'm totally available to hold your purse and make sure you have water to drink occasionally. AS IF! ;0) The day you need a PA is the day I no longer need a full time job! =0) -Delicious Melissa