Audition outfit: PSA for biodiesel

That drive to and from Dallas was vicious! I just spent six hours in the car, in the rain, for a 10 minute audition. Bah-nan-ahs!

But you all asked for it, so here's the first entry in my new audition outfit series.

Role and Project: a mid-30's, eco-friendly, professional, spokeswoman for a public service announcement about biodiesel fuel and cooking oil recycling. audition outfit: eco friendly spokesperson
audition outfit: eco friendly spokespersondate: 21 October 2009
occasion: commercial audition
sweater: Cris (Weardrobe contest prize from Angela's Runway)
blouse: vintage
hair clip (as pin): HEB (i.e. the grocery store)
slacks: Goodies?
shoes: Alfani

I tweeted late last night that my business casual clothes bore me, and it's true! But here's why I wore what I wore:
I decided to wear green as a subtle nod to being environmentally friendly. The flower hair clip (that you may recognize) was repurposed as a pin to connect my character with nature. The slingbacks were chosen because they're conservative and professional but are still fun, and I chose pants (instead of a skirt) so I could move around a little better just in case they wanted me to do a walk and talk. Wow! So much information, huh?

This was my second audition since having jaw surgery and the 'ole braces removed. My horror movie call-back for tomorrow got pushed back to Saturday, but I do think these audition posts will become a part of my regular, daily "self-style" photos. I hope they're not too terribly boring!

Comment of the Day: Once I drove 6 hours for a quasi-audition. It was a reading of a horror film by the director John Carpenter (from the Halloween movies). He was actually there, so that was really cool. The movie we read is actually going to be out in 2010. It's called The Ward, so if you ever see it, just think of me nervously (and very poorly) reading two parts for that movie. Haha! -Delightfully Tacky