Cathedral of Junk & Nordstrom Rack

So I didn't get any photos of me in my Buy Definition ensembles that we photographed for the lookbook today, but I am sure there will be plenty of those to see once the photos are published. I did, however, get Kean to shoot my daily photos after the nine hour shoot wrapped:

nine hour photoshoot: wrapped!
nine hour photoshoot: wrapped!

date: 22 October 2009
occasion: Nordstrom Rack grand opening and lookbook photoshoot for
cardigan: American Apparel
jumper (yep, that's all one piece): vintage
socks: Target
pumps: vintage

Note of truth: I did not wear those socks or flats to the Nordy's Rack opening. I wore these shoes, instead, and sported bare legs. The socks and flats were only worn out of necessity: I had to put on the socks to avoid mosquito bites and the flats to avoid getting stuck in the mud. We shot at the infamous Cathedral of Junk in Austin. You can get a glimmer of the unexplainable awesomeness that is the Cathedral of Junk in the bottom photo. Imagine: it goes up three stories and is super sturdy and climbable!

By the way, the Nordstrom Rack grand opening was at 8:45 this morning, and sadly, I did not win the 90 second/ $2000 shopping spree. Nor did I get the free tote bag that was for the first 1000 customers. In fact, I looked at shoes, found two cute pairs of boots, took a gander at the check-out line that wrapped around the entire store, and then I bolted. Like instantaneously. I'm pretty sure that every woman in the Austin metro area skipped work to wait in line at the new Nordstrom Rack today. I'll have to check it out when I'm not feeling so impatient and/ or when there aren't lines that are a million miles long... which ever comes first.