Recap: Mixx Make Party

On Saturday night, I went to the Mixx Make party, where the girls of The Wondercraft supplied party go-ers with tables full of craft supplies so everyone could make a mask. These Wondercraft events are so fun! We basically party down at a local bar or club, but there's always a big craft area set up, so we can create something and drink and dance, too.

Just like the last two events, Trevor Ray had his photobooth set up and ready to go. I ended up creating a dapper man mask, complete with monocle:

Mixx Make: dapper man mask
dress: thrifted F21, sweater: American Apparel, brooch: Jen Loves Kev, mask: DIY

Hubs wanted me to make a scary bear mask for him. I did the best I could while he and Chris C declined to get their craft on due to the overwhelming amount of estrogen surrounding the craft area. My buddies Amber and Dearing hadn't yet been to one of these craft/ party events, and they had a good time making their swine and ice princess masks. Filkins, meanwhile, opted to make a paper bracelet, instead :

Mixx Make: buddies

I finally got to meet Tolly of Austin Eavesdropper (in the pink dress) and Laura (in the white hat), who won free tickets to the Mixx Make here on Adored Austin:

Mixx Make: meeting of the minds

Electric Promotions owner and event organizer extraordinaire Candance (i.e. Rainbow Brite) sure knows how to throw a fun party. I'm already looking forward to the next one! You'd be surprised how well crafting and drinking go together!

Comment of the Day: I think drinking goes well with anything but work. Hahaha. I am a alcoholic. Glad you had fun! :) -alya